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Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

  • Zishan Haider

Just because the weather is hot and summer is in full swing doesn't mean you can stop wearing your motorcycle gear. Your winter leather jacket will not offer the necessary airflow to keep you cool, putting you at risk of overheating. Not wearing a jacket exposes your skin to ultraviolet rays and sunburn, while also putting you at risk of injury. What you need is a summer mesh jacket.

These jackets are light, breathable and protective. The Fightx motorcycle jackets are constructed with multi-fabric shells and airflow panels. There is a mesh shell made of FreeAir and a waterproof lining. You'll appreciate the great amount of airflow they have while still having pockets for armor and your personal items. Some even come with removable liners to give you a quality three-season jacket for further year-round use. This guide will help you find the perfect mesh jacket for your summer motorcycle adventures.

Benefits of mesh motorcycle jackets

Ventilated. When it's hot outside, mesh biker jackets are ideal because they're lightweight and provide airflow when you're riding. They could have perforated panels, zippered vents, or large mesh ventilation panels.

Protective. These jackets will have protective frame pockets that provide shock absorption in the event of an impact. These are located on the shoulders, elbows and back. Sometimes they are also on the chest.

Affordable. Mesh motorcycle jackets are often more affordable than other types of jackets. The construction material is more affordable than leather. This makes them perfect for beginners or those on a tight budget.

These jackets feature the latest innovations, CE armor shells, and premium construction materials. These jackets are worth investing in as they will last for many years

Other features include

  • Look for jackets that allow you to customize the fit around the sleeves and waist. Some have elasticated sleeves, while others have Velcro straps that you can use for a tighter or looser fit. Some jackets even have a zipper at the bottom so you can attach it to your riding pants.
  • Reflective stripes. It is important to be visible to other vehicles, especially at night. That's why many of the best mesh motorcycle jackets have reflective piping. These stripes are not very noticeable during the day, but once dusk sets in, they can make a world of difference when it comes to your visibility.
  • Removable lining. While mesh riding jackets are designed for warmer climates, there may be days when there is a slight chill in the air. Some mesh jackets have removable liners that you can wear when it's a bit chilly outside. If the day gets hot and you're still on your bike, you can simply take it off so you don't get too hot


In addition to a jacket, wear a pair of motorcycle gloves and a helmet to better protect yourself in case you are involved in an accident. Consider the type of motorcycle you ride when shopping for a jacket. There are cruiser, sport, touring, coffee and adventure jackets. Each type of jacket is designed with the riding position of the bike in mind. Look for a jacket with lots of pockets. Internal pockets are good for keeping your valuables safe. External pockets are good for quick access. Clean your jacket regularly. This helps to preserve the material and ensure a longer life for your jacke.