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Best MMA gloves for boxers

Best MMA gloves for boxers

  • Zishan Haider

Are you looking for the perfect and best MMA gloves? As an MMA boxer, whether he's just starting or a seasoned pro, the most crucial aspect of the sport is protecting his hands. Neglecting proper hand protection can lead to long-term injuries and even force you to end your career prematurely. That's why investing in a high-quality pair of gloves is essential for every boxer. But with so many available options, choosing the right team can take time and effort. 

We have FTX best MMA gloves currently available to make it easier for you. These gloves are suitable for all experience levels. They are chosen based on multiple factors such as weight, material, fit, cost, quality, and intended use, whether it be for competition or training and fighting. We researched so you can focus on what matters most: you’re training and performance."

FTX the best MMA Gloves for Competition

If durability and protection are the two factors you seek, then look no further than FTX best MMA gloves. They're made with Maya hide leather, which provides exceptional durability, resistance to cracking, and more. Its PC3 padding offers complete protection and is exclusively designed to resist impacts. It also provides a natural grip for grappling movements. The gloves have an open palm design, and the inner fabric promotes airflow to keep hands ventilated and dry.

Professional Style best MMA Gloves for Combat Sports

This pair of Combat Pro gloves are ideal for beginners who don't want to shell out a lot of money while still dabbling in the sport. While they meet all state regulations for professional competition requirements, we would recommend using them for something other than severe high-level competition. These 5-ounce weight half gloves have 3/4-inch padding for added security. They will protect your hands and those of your opponents. These are mainly used for sparring, and their open-palm design allows for better grip and grip. These are probably the cheapest gloves of decent quality that can be worn in a competition.

Gloves of MMA Fightx

The Fightx best MMA Gloves are the newest and best gloves out of Fightx. Designed in Thailand, these gloves have been developed with superior comfort and superior quality in mind. The gloves become almost an extension of your hands due to the curved shape design and snug fit. You will feel the difference in power when you land your punches. The double-closure system facilitates its use and guarantees comfort, fit, and support. The wide leather strap closure with Velcro reduces the risk of wrist injuries. The often-overlooked feature on these gloves is the gusset provided at each finger and thumb opening. This protects your fingers and absorbs continuous shock, primarily if you practice longer.

How to choose the best MMA gloves? The best buying guides

The three fundamental types are fighting or competition gloves, sparring gloves, and grappling gloves.

Fighting Gloves: MMA competitions have strict rules on the weight of gloves; therefore, most competition gloves are lightweight and fingerless, offering the best freedom of movement among the three.

Combat Gloves: Protection is the name of the game when you get combat gloves. The goal during sparring sessions is to improve your techniques and minimize injury to yourself or your sparring partner. These gloves tend to have more padding and are bulkier.

Grappling Gloves: These hybrid gloves provide both sparring and sparring capabilities. The key difference with these gloves is that they allow for better finger mobility than traditional sparring gloves but have more padding than standard sparring gloves.

Consejo Profesional: Most boxers have dedicated gloves for bag practice. Hitting a heavy bag repeatedly means you'll need that extra protection for your wrists and fingers. Having separate gloves for bag practice will also improve the life of the sparring gloves it usually becomes.

What material should best MMA gloves be made of?

Most best MMA gloves are designed with leather or synthetic (PU leather). Leather gloves are more durable but also more expensive. Genuine leather is more expensive and offers more comfort, but if you're not willing to spend too much on your first pair of gloves, there are also some excellent synthetic options.

Leather vs. Synthetic Leather: Leather is an obvious first choice for most boxers, but these leather gloves come at a premium price. It offers better durability, fit, and feel compared to cheaper alternatives for the price. There are fantastic synthetic material options these days that almost have the same characteristics but will never look as good as handmade leather gloves.

What kind of padding should my gloves have?

The most common type of padding used is foam. Many brands use layered foam, while others use regular foam. It all comes down to quality, and cheaper gloves will generally be less durable and less likely to hold up through months of use. Competition gloves typically have four oz. Paddings, while training gloves have more than 7 oz. Padding.

What kind of straps should I consider when buying the best MMA gloves?

Some gloves come with either very weak or no wrist straps! We highly recommend buying gloves with a solid belt because this holds all the gloves together and in place. In the long run, your wrists will thank you if you invest in gloves that offer solid wrist support.