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Fightx boxing gloves for women

  • Zishan Haider

Properly choosing the size of boxing gloves for woman will allow you to be protected when practicing this sport. If you want to get the perfect measurement among so many glove sizes, you must first know them. It is important that boxing gloves fit your body weight perfectly.

Boxing gloves for woman sizes

Boxing glove sizes must be adjusted to the weight of the user. It is not about the size of the hand, as many people think. The harder a boxer hits, the more protection he will need in his hand, specifically in the knuckle area, to cushion the blows and avoid injuring his hand or hurting his partner. Training. Punching power is often closely related to the boxer's body weight.

In the market you can find different types of boxing gloves for women , men and children . They come in one size, varying the weight and, with it, the volume of the same. Adult gloves are rated by ounces as follows: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 ounces. Below are the sizes you can get for yourself.


- Boxing gloves for woman size 8 OZ:

Gloves size 8 OZ are explicitly used in professional competitions.  In this way, the 8 ounces are among the lightest boxing glove sizes available on the market today.


- 10 OZ boxing gloves for woman

The 10-ounce gloves are the most used in competitions, both amateur and professional. It is easy to find this heavier size in some gyms where the teacher is not very strict with the equipment.


- Size of 12 OZ and 14 OZ boxing gloves for woman

For safety reasons, these are the most used sizes in the practice of this sport . If your weight does not exceed 80 kilograms and you do normal (non-professional) training , they are the most appropriate sizes.


- Size 16 OZ boxing gloves for woman

In the case of the 16-ounce gloves , they are recommended for people whose weight is above the average, that is , between 80 and 95 kilograms. By having this weight, they must wear gloves that do not cause excessive damage to the opponent during training , especially if his weight is less than yours.


- Boxing gloves for woman sizes 18 and 20 OZ

It is the least common boxing glove size . And it is that they are intended for people who weigh more than 95 kilograms. In the case of the 20-ounce measure , it is usually used to train boxers in the heavyweight category , since due to its size and weight, it allows the muscles that are applied during the beating to be exercised.


Details to be considered

The size of the gloves that you should choose also varies depending on the use that you are going to give it. If you are going to do sparring it is recommended that they be large, since in this way injuries are avoided, however for more technical training or mitts you can choose a smaller size if you feel more comfortable like this. In addition to this, keep in mind that If you are going to train a lot of bag work, the bigger the glove, the less the protection zone of the knuckles will wear out, and therefore the glove will last longer.

An interesting fact!

With this information, it will be easier for you to get the size of boxing gloves you need. In addition, you will enjoy all the mobility and reliability that such practice requires. However, you may be wondering where to get your ideal gloves. At we have a variety of gloves, sizes and brands such as Venum , Buddha , Leone or Twins , among others.


In addition, we have gloves for professionals and beginners. Do not wait any longer and contact us so that we can advise you with your boxing glove size and any other equipment for this sport. We will be happy to assist you.