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Fightx punch mitts provide all the features you are looking for

Fightx punch mitts provide all the features you are looking for

  • Zishan Haider

Punch mitts are an essential attribute in training, both for professional boxers and amateurs. Why? This is because Punch mitts are not just a training projectile but also an assistant in developing strike accuracy, increased reaction, physical endurance, and coordination of movements. Experienced boxers believe you need to use Punch mitts in training to become a professional in boxing. Training with Punch mitts helps achieve excellent boxing results and learn how to distribute muscle effort properly. Fightx Punch mitts are best suited for simulating a real fight, unlike a punching bag or punching bag. One of the advantages of Punch mitts is compactness. They will easily fit in your backpack if you go on a couple of day trips, but at the same time, you want to leave your favorite sport for a few days. It is worth noting that Punch mitts are an essential component in boxing, kickboxing, and tai-bo. Consider their classification, shape, material, and projectile design if you purchase Punch mitts.


The most common Punch mitts seen in sports sections, sports complexes are presented in two main types: straight and curved.

  • Straight Punch mitts are also called the classic version, used to train kicks and hands. The material used in direct form is often leather or eco-leather, and a hard tab on the paws allows you to work out the technique of direct blows.
  • Bent Punch mitts (concave/curved) help to hone the boxer's speed and accuracy. The main feature of this type is rigid polyurethane foam inserts; to make training more comfortable, it is recommended to wear gloves so that the skin of the hands does not have any possible damage. Bent paws are made of leather, and there are also models made of leather substitutes, but when purchasing them, count on a short operational period. Using punch mitts is not very convenient to hone straight punches, so note this.
  • Universal punch mitts are a projectile with an external resemblance to straight and bent ones, but the difference is a reinforced pillow and a target in the form of a circle of a small radius. You may have heard of the existence of makiwara paws, and so their functionality is appreciated by boxers for their ability to be attached to the forearms and their large size compared to other types.


Material of Fightx punch mitts


The most commonly used filler fightx punch mitts is polyurethane foam and non-crosslinked polyethylene foam. This is the most practical option that will not cause pain to the athlete. It will be more convenient for the coach to hold tightly packed shells. Be careful; if the punch mitts feel too soft, it is unsuitable for training.

For tailoring, leather, leatherette, and cheaper analogs are used. The most popular is artificial leather, which is less expensive than natural but durable and has good wear resistance. For the hall, purchasing such paws for several students at once is easier and cheaper.


The shape of punch mitts

The shape of punch mitts is not universal, so you need to understand its purpose before choosing the model you are interested in.


  • It would help if you had short rounded legs to hit the target quickly and not miss.
  • It will be more difficult for you to hit the elongated paws, and the possibility of injury to the hands of the coach increases by working with this type of projectile.

How to choose the right paws?


It is impossible to use the equipment alone, as they are intended for pair training with a coach or your partner. When choosing inventory, the following factors are taken into account:

  1. Product dimensions. The size of the hand of a permanent trainer and sparring partner is considered.
  2. Beginners are advised to use the direct type of product.
  3. It is necessary to consider the type of struggle where the equipment will be used.
  4. The pads are designed for professional athletes.
  5. Sports products are better to choose from natural materials. They are resistant to high loads and wear.
  6. Professional attributes reduce the risk of injury. Models differ in shape and design, especially considering the type of training selected for testing.


Boxing shells are a product for organizing an impromptu fight. A properly selected projectile lasts a long time. The risk of injury is thus minimized.


It is important to note that Fightx punch mitts are professionally and correctly designed products that effectively dissipate the impact force in boxing and reduce the damage to the person receiving the injury. As a trainer, you should use punch mitts that Fightx makes, as they will lessen the stress you are experiencing by using them. The attribute must have a soft enough texture. The average thickness of the product should be restored as quickly as possible after it has been deflected. As a result of the products' listed features, Fightx punch mitts provide all the features you are looking for, providing you with the desired level of capability during training.