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  • Zishan Haider

On warm and dry days, many get on their motorbikes to enjoy the freedom of the ride to the fullest. So that the driver is accident-free from the beginning to the end of the tour, not only because of careful driving, he should wear full motorcycle clothing, which is explained below. 

Motorcycle helmet

A safe motorcycle helmet must meet this EU standard ECE-R 22.05. This means that the TÜV tests such a helmet for tear resistance, dimensional stability and shock absorption. Visors are tested for light transmission, scratch resistance, optical properties and penetration or impact resistance. There are various motorcycle helmets, such as jet helmets, full-face helmets, flip-up helmets and cross helmets. The helmet must enclose the head in such a way that it is by no means uncomfortable. He can sit relatively tight. Over time, the inner padding gives a little when worn.

Motorcycle jacket

Of course, motorcycle clothing also includes the right motorcycle jacket, for example, from Fightx. You can decide whether it is made of textile or leather since both offer excellent protection. According to DIN ISO 4916, the jacket should contain safety seams. Even zippers should be robust and covered. A connection zipper must be available for the corresponding connection with motorcycle pants. The relationship between the jacket and trousers prevents the jacket from riding up in the event of a fall and the stomach from being unprotected. There is often a zipper at the end of the sleeve. This simplifies entry and prevents the sleeves from riding up. The motorcycle jacket must contain projectors.

Motorcycle pants

The motorcycle pants must protect the hip and leg area, the joints and bones from fractures and injuries and also provide excellent protection against asphalt friction in the event of an accident. This garment is also available in leather or fabric. Even with motorcycle pants, the zips must be covered so that they do not tear open when you go down a slide. The trousers should be able to be connected to the motorcycle jacket with a zipper. It is also essential that these pants have protectors on the knees.

Motorcycle suit

Instead of the motorcycle pants and jacket, a one-piece suit can also be chosen to protect the entire body. It must contain protectors and safety seams. In addition, this motorcycle clothing should have zippers that can be opened from above and below.

Motorcycle gloves

These gloves are often made of leather, which shows less abrasion than textile materials. However, reinforcements are needed at the most critical points. Knuckles and the edge of the hand, in particular, should be protected. It is essential to ensure that special foam or hard plastic is sewn. In addition, it must be assured that the glove sits perfectly on the hand and is secured against being pulled off in the event of a fall.

Motorcycle boots

Motorbike boots should last as long as possible and offer maximum safety. It is, therefore, vital that they go over the ankles to protect their ankles. There must be a stable but flexible sole so the gearshift can still be operated.

Reinforcements in the toe, ankle, heel, shin and outer foot areas are also required. A shift lever reinforcement prevents the shoes from wearing out quickly. The zippers should be covered, and the existing seams should be sewn neatly. The insole must be easy to replace; since motorcycle boots are often close to the engine, they must be oil and petrol resistant.

When driving on bends, these shoes may rub against the ground. With replaceable sliders, the life of the boots is increased because they can be easily replaced as they wear out.