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Women boxing gloves size - this is how you find the right women boxing gloves and determine the correct size

Women boxing gloves size - this is how you find the right women boxing gloves and determine the correct size

  • Zishan Haider


The most critical question besides the quality of the boxing glove is determining the right women boxing glove size. Height and weight are often lumped together and confused with one another.

Buy women boxing gloves - which is the right size for me?

Boxing glove size is divided into inner size and outer size. The weight is given in oz. To make the right decision, you must learn about the differences in purchasing suitable boxing gloves.

In our article, we also present boxing gloves that score top ratings and have high satisfaction.

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Women boxing gloves size - inner size and outer size

Boxing gloves differ in the external volume and the size inside the boxing glove. The external volume varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For the inside size we have listed a measurement chart below.

For a professional boxer who has to meet certain specifications, this is an important question that must be clarified before a specific boxing glove is purchased.

Women boxing gloves inner size

The inner size of the boxing glove is about how much space the hand has inside the boxing glove. Here, the oz information is usually equated with the size (we detail the oz information in the lower section).

First of all, the size (oz) usually depends on what type of training is being carried out or what is intended to be trained with the boxing glove, so whether the boxing gloves should be used for sparring, competition, or training in the gym.

Since the internal size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, many suppliers indicate the boxing glove size as a measurement table.

If the classic size information is available, you can use the following table to determine your size.

Tip: Bandages are usually worn during training. It makes sense to put on the bandages first and then measure them or to order them in 2 sizes.

If the information is classic size, you can determine the size with the following table.

Weight / (oz) of women boxing gloves - What does 10 oz mean for boxing gloves?

What weight women boxing gloves? And how are women boxing gloves measured?

Decisive and also the most common way to determine the size is the choice according to ounces, i.e. the weight of the boxing glove. The importance of boxing gloves is given in oz. One ounce is about 28.35 grams. Depending on the type of training you want, it makes sense to go by the number of ounces.

The following table can help you to find the right boxing gloves:

6 ounces = for women boxing gloves (170.1 grams)

8 ounces = for women boxing gloves (226.8 grams)

10 ounces = Competition size in Europe (283.5 grams)

12 ounces = for training & sparring 340.5 grams

14 ounces = for training & Sparring (396.9 grams)

16 ounces = For Sparring (453.6 grams)

Boxing Glove Size for Women - Do women need special boxing glove sizes?

The manufacturers offer a variety of boxing gloves and try to separate them into women and men. But the fact is that although women have somewhat smaller hands, they are not so small that they need special boxing gloves.

So that women usually do not need special boxing gloves. But if you prefer a specific color, you can use women's boxing gloves:

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Boxing glove size women - how many ounces in boxing gloves for women?

Boxing gloves for women are also specified in weight in ounces (oz), not their size. Adults commonly train with boxing gloves between 12 and 14 oz.

Depending on their age, 6 oz, 8 oz or 10 oz should be used for women boxing gloves, even when training on a punching bag or free-standing punching bag.

If the women are older than ten years, they can do sparring or take part in sparring training. Here you should use boxing gloves for children with 10 oz.

Conclusion – women boxing gloves weight

It is usually sufficient to focus on the type of training being carried out to buy the right women boxing gloves.

This means that if training in the studio is the focus, then, as can be seen in the table, 12 oz women boxing gloves are entirely sufficient.

You can use the following sizes:

For sparring: 16 oz

For training in the gym: 12 oz

For competitions: 10 oz

For children: 6-8 oz

The best women boxing gloves of our choice: