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Best boxing gloves to win your boxing battle

  • Zishan Haider

Classic boxing is one of the most popular martial arts among amateur athletes. It enables holistic training. This means that boxing trains endurance as well as strength and coordination. The competition aspect provides the necessary motivation to keep up the boxing training in the long term. Suitable protective equipment in boxing is a must-have so that sport is good for your health and serious injuries are avoided. In addition to boxing gloves, this includes head, mouth and groin protection. The boxing glove is and remains an essential piece of equipment for every boxer because it protects not only the striking hand of its wearer but often also the face and body of the opponent from serious injuries.

Choose the best boxing gloves concerning the purpose for which you will use them. The design, construction and materials are different, and if you choose the wrong type, you can destroy the gloves and injure the opponent or yourself. We distinguish two basic types of boxing gloves: training and competition.

Betting best boxing gloves

- Suitable for sparring and competitions; as a rule, these are more robust gloves that are more padded and better at eliminating impacts. Gloves are supplemented with a large Velcro fastener in the wrist area.

Training best boxing gloves

- Suitable for pads and bags; as a rule, these thin gloves allow closer contact with the bag. Sometimes they are made with an open thumb.

The FIGHTX best boxing gloves are sparring gloves intended for use in training fights and are also suitable for training on the punching bag. According to the manufacturer, a multi-layer foam construction with dense, shock-absorbing foam ensures effective shock absorption. The multi-layer foam construction should also help to keep the hands in an anatomically correct position. A broad and elastic Velcro fastener should protect the wrists, and the gloves should be able to be put on without outside help.

If we have already chosen the type of punching bag, it is still necessary to select the right weight and height of the bag. A punching bag should weigh about half your weight (for example, if you weigh 90 kg, the ideal weight of the punching bag is 45 kg). This weight of the bags is also used in fitness boxing. For more experienced and professional boxers, then, the recommended weight is 80% of your weight. Bags weighing up to 35 kg are suitable for absolute beginners.

Tip:  We recommend a fillable punching bag for beginners. As the experience progresses, you can refill the sack and thus always have the optimal weight of the sack.

The other important factor when choosing is the length of the punching bag. A size of 80 – 120 cm is sufficient for boxing training. If you will also train kicks, the punching bag should be larger than 120 cm, ideally 150 cm and more.

There is no leather on the outside of the FTX best boxing gloves, but they are lined with synthetic leather on the inside, and both are made of synthetic leather. Five glove sizes are available, weighing 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 ounces. Ventilation holes on the palms should ensure better ventilation and counteract the development of unpleasant odours. The impact zone of the glove is connected to the thumb. This should prevent the thumb from twisting and compensate for injuries. The boxing gloves suit classic boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai. They are available in many colour variants: blue, purple, gold, red-black and black-red.