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best cheap soccer ball

best cheap soccer ball

  • Zishan Haider

best cheap soccer ball

The game of football for many centuries has not only been a team sport, but also unites many peoples and individuals. There are no age, social or national restrictions for football. You can play it almost anywhere and in any conditions. You can be in shoes or barefoot, play with or without a goal and on different surfaces, but the obligatory condition is that there must be a ball. Picking a ball is not as easy as it seems. In addition to taking into account its size, it is worth paying attention to the materials used, the type of seams and many other details. After reading our review on this topic, you will know exactly which of the models suits you best.

Additionally, in our review about basketballs, you can find the right sports equipment for a game that is fundamentally different from football and also has a huge number of fans. In addition, we recommend choosing one of the sports bags , where all your training items will fit.

No matter where you plan to play or practice, a soccer ball like the FTX will do the job. The model has a size 5 and is better suited for the adult category of football players. The diameter of the circle is 68 - 69 centimeters, so it will not be so comfortable for children to handle it. The use of high-quality synthetic leather cover makes it very durable. Due to the fact that a matte finish is used, the ball will retain its original appearance longer. The design of the ball is classic: it is made in white and black colors, there are also images of the company logo and symbols indicating that the ball is suitable for all weather conditions. The top cover consists of 32 panels sewn together by hand, which indicates high reliability and high wear resistance which make it best cheap soccer ball. The chamber is made of latex and has a butyl nipple, and therefore perfectly improves the rebound of the ball and its flight speed. Between the chamber and the outer cover there is an additional padding consisting of 3 layers of polycotton and 1 layer of cotton which make it best cheap soccer ball. The ball is shipped deflated and needs to be inflated before playing or training.

The role of training balls is very high in the life of any football player, and therefore the requirements for their quality are not lower than for the quality of game models which make it best cheap soccer ball. The FTX ball is a prime example of how quality, technical features and a good price can be perfectly combined. It was developed in Pakistan, where the company's headquarters are located, which already says a lot. A distinctive and characteristic feature of the model, as well as the entire FTX brand, is the design of the top cover of 30 panels. The panels are interconnected with a handmade seam. The material for this coating is durable and reliable thermopolyurethane 1 mm thick which make it best cheap soccer ball.

Externally, the ball looks very impressive, the coating is glossy and has a colorful abstract image that combines lilac, orange and black colors. Under the coating is placed 4 lining layers of a mixture of cotton and polyester, and the chamber itself is made of latex and equipped with a butyl nipple which make it best cheap soccer ball. Air can be stored inside for a very long time and therefore you do not have to pump up the ball often. The model has 4 standard sizes (the ball is slightly smaller than most competitors) and therefore is well suited for children from 8 to 12 years old. The circumference in the inflated state is approximately 63.5 - 66 centimeters, and the weight ranges from 410 - 450 grams which make it best cheap soccer ball. The ball will be your ideal sports equipment for friendly matches of amateur and club teams, as well as various kinds of training which make it best cheap soccer ball.