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Best MMA gloves for heavy bag

Best MMA gloves for heavy bag

  • Zishan Haider

Unlike boxing gloves, MMA gloves have an opening to free the fingers and allow the fighter to perform boxing, grappling, and ground fighting sequences with greater freedom and speed of movement. As for the padding, it is less critical and therefore does not allow you to release a strike as explosive as with boxing gloves during training, but again the objective is different.

The MMA glove allows greater flexibility in the standing/ground sequences, while the Boxing glove remains essential to develop your strike. MMA is probably the combat sport that comes closest to the practice of Krav Maga, offering competitors the opportunity to compete in a ring. Whether the fight occurs standing or on the ground, the only objective is to neutralize your opponent.

The use of suitable gloves is, therefore, an obligation. Whether you focus primarily on developing your striking or takedowns and ground defense, your gloves should differ.

Heavy bag with MMA gloves: Which Glove For A Punching Bag?

What To Look For In The Best MMA gloves for heavy bag


First, you should remember that sparring gloves differ entirely from punching bag gloves.

Sparring gloves have more padding most of the time to protect your opponent or sparring partner.

Punch bag gloves will fulfill their name. They are explicitly designed for typing in the room. Their high-density foam padding is different from sparring gloves.


It would be best to remember that quality comes at a price. It's more of a waste to buy a poor-quality pair of gloves and check every three months. It is better to buy a couple of suitable quality gloves to save you money.

But every once in a while, you have the opportunity to find the highest quality punch bag gloves at a discount. It all depends on the company that makes the product.

What Is The Best MMA Boxing Gloves For Training With Heavy Punching Bags?

High-density latex molded foam allows heavy-duty pocket gloves to be more impact resistant. They can be used as combat gloves, but I don't advise using the bag gloves because they don't have the same design. If you only have combat gloves, use them for air punches, but not for a heavy bag, where there is a risk of injury.

Best MMA gloves for heavy Bag Gloves – 2023 Comparison And Reviews

 FTX MMA Training Gloves

FIGHTX MMA gloves offers you the high-quality faux leather punching bag glove you need. Indeed, thanks to their multilayer foam structure, these punching bag gloves provide good shock absorption.

They are perfect for typing workouts, boss, fitness, etc. The material and manufacturing technology makes these gloves quite solid and durable. They compare them with some competition models and are very advanced. In addition, with the patented integrated ventilation system, they ensure better hygiene by promoting good thermal regulation with reduced humidity during training.

These gloves are suitable for more or less wide-handed boxers. They are efficient and equipped with a Velcro closure to make it easier to put on and better help in the exercises.

 View Product Price On Amazon FTX Muay Thai Kickboxing MMA Training Gloves

For a great value punch bag glove, choose FIGHTX. This is a high-end glove. Thanks to its anti-shock gel foam padding and leather covering, it offers better resistance and performance.

This glove is used by everyone, given the quality of the upholstery and the technologies used very appreciated. Indeed, the strength and performance of this product effectively protect the hands against possible accidents. It has a versatile character thanks to its robust and very robust construction.

You can therefore count on this glove if you want an article that will accompany you for a good time and support all training sessions. It is technically perforated to allow better ventilation and breathability during training. Also, any MMA, Muay Thai practitioner, kickboxing, sparring, etc., can use the FTX glove. It is available in standard color, black/white.

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If you are unsatisfied with punch bag gloves, try these by FIGHTX. These are pretty solid and ergonomic gloves made by experienced boxers. They are equipped with shock-absorbing gel-infused foam for exceptional protection and softness.

The manufacturer has covered the foam with high-quality leather to facilitate cleaning and to make the gloves as resistant and durable as possible. They are ideal for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, sparring, taekwondo, etc.

What Is The Ideal Size of best MMA gloves for heavy bags?

Suitable quality gloves, as a rule, have a size between 6 and 15 ounces. The foam density plays a significant role because the more you can hit without feeling the cushioning. However, that doesn't mean you must get gloves that look like memory foam mattresses. If the foam is too abundant, you will no longer have freedom of movement.

Do You Need in best MMA gloves for a heavy bag?

Occasionally, people tend to train with their bare hands with punching bags. It's not a problem if you do it sometimes; it can even harden your stitches. But wearing gloves is best if you're used to training with a punching bag. It will prevent you from getting internal injuries on your hand and also clean your hands (you don't want your hands looking like a scaly body). 

Which Is Better, Between Heavy And Light Gloves?

It's just a matter of preference. With heavy gloves, you can train your speed. If you are used to using heavy gloves, you will be faster during the day or train with light gloves.

Lightweight gloves are also acceptable if they have the proper padding, which is dense and doesn't move around like pillow filling.

What About the best MMA Gloves?

I think these gloves are unsuitable for training with heavy punching bags. They are already very light with little padding, and the finger parts are open, so blows with these gloves are as if done with bare hands. You risk injuring yourself.


Now that you've removed your punching bag gloves, you might be ready to choose a fantastic heavy bag to punch or a speedbag to go to town or hell. Set up your gym you can box at home with this guide. Please visit our site, which offers the best quality MMA and boxing gloves.