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Biker leather jackets for men

  • Zishan Haider

FTX biker leather jackets for men are the most versatile of all. They are jackets designed to withstand long motorcycle trips, travel long distances, and offer a good compromise between protection and comfort.

They are versatile biker leather jackets for men and are prepared to adapt to any climatic circumstance and the unforeseen events of a trip. This is why, just as they usually offer ventilation openings, they also include removable thermal linings and waterproof membranes. 

Waterproof biker leather jackets for men with jackets generally meant to cover other jackets in case of rain. Its function is to prevent the passage of water and little else.

Urban-type biker leather jackets for men are specially designed for the city. Their design is usually discreet and elegant, so much so that many do not seem to be motorcycle jackets but dress jackets. They are comfortable in the city without always being "disguised" as a motorcycle. In short, they allow motorcycle transport to be combined with the rest of everyday life in the city, like one more item of clothing.

They can be short and three-quarter long, made of highly resistant textile materials, and include elastic inserts to increase our comfort.


Many leather jackets for men have a biker collar; you can quickly recognize them by their collar that closes with a snap button. It is a style of jacket that is not exclusively masculine but lends itself very easily to men with a casual look. It will easily match simple outfits such as jeans or dark jeans and a plain or patterned T-shirt. In short, you will take your new jacket with you everywhere, which will pay off very well, thanks to its timeless style!

They are very light biker leather jackets for men, made of perforated materials that allow the passage of air and good ventilation that helps to evacuate heat. They are usually made in light colors not to increase our temperature.

They usually have good ventilation, but also removable thermal linings and some waterproof layer, usually also removable. They generally include multiple pockets, and just as they can be used in low temperatures, they try to be incredibly calm and light in summer or for off-road driving. In other words, they are genuinely off-road biker leather jackets for men to be used no matter what.

In general, they usually include several pockets and ventilation openings. Although some incorporate protections, many do without them to be used over bibs complete with protections and thus be even more comfortable and lightweight.

To ensure it lasts as long as possible, refer to our care tips or ask our advisers in the store for advice. First, think about waterproofing your leather jacket with a biker collar well. This will be the first step before any outing. With regular maintenance and the use of products recommended by a leather expert such as Fightx, genuine leather, such as those sold on our site, can live for a long time and sometimes several generations.