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Boxing gloves comparison 2023

Boxing gloves comparison 2023

  • Zishan Haider

Kicking boxing gloves comparison 2023

Are you looking for the best boxing gloves? The comparison and test portal from has researched for you!

Kicking boxing gloves are perhaps the most important piece of equipment you need as a boxer, whether amateur or professional. Since it is a very physical sport, it is essential that your hands are optimally protected and that any opponent is protected from injury.


In this buying guide, we answer what is important when it comes to boxing gloves, what kind of gloves you specifically need and other questions on this topic . Also take a look at our comparison table to find your personal boxing glove test winner.


 Boxing is a popular martial art that you can practice not only in a studio, but also at home at any time by buying a punching bag. The training not only improves your general fitness, strength and speed can also be optimally trained with this sport.


Whether training at home, in the gym or in a club - good kicking boxing gloves are part of your success. A high-quality material and good workmanship are decisive here. But that's not all: Different gloves are suitable for different types of martial arts.


If you also want to take part in competitions, certain regulations must be observed. Which kicking boxing gloves you buy should therefore be accompanied by some basic considerations. Some manufacturers offer boxing glove sets consisting of a punching bag including kicking boxing gloves . However, both should meet your individual requirements.

  1. Why should you buy boxing gloves?

Certain trend sports – such as skateboarding or waveboarding – are mainly practiced by younger people. Boxing, on the other hand, is a popular sport in all age groups these days.


Whether you train at home on your own punching bag with kicking boxing gloves or go to a gym: your strength and endurance will thank you. Men, women and children can box in clubs. However, if you want to take part in competitions, you need different kicking boxing gloves than someone who trains on a punching bag or with a partner. A distinction must also be made between the requirements that different subtypes of boxing place on boxing gloves.


You can buy kicking boxing gloves online, but you should consider a few factors. Surely you have already seen various martial artists who only wear bandages instead of kicking boxing gloves on their hands. So why not resort to it and buy kicking boxing gloves in the first place?


In general, the gloves serve to cushion the impact of a blow. This protects the fingers and wrists in particular, but also the palms of the hands from injuries. It should also not be neglected that kicking boxing gloves protect the opponent.


A beginner in boxing who only occasionally trains with the punching bag can buy kicking boxing gloves comparatively cheaply. However, if your training is regular, you should invest in a good quality pair of gloves. It is worth making a personal comparison of different boxing gloves.

  1. Which boxing glove categories are there?

Kicking boxing gloves Size Chart

When looking for kicking boxing gloves for men or women, you can often find size charts on the Internet to help you find the right glove. However, these are not really boxing glove size charts, because they mainly only indicate the weight of different boxing gloves. If you use such a table as a guide, you should always pay attention to ratings from boxing glove comparisons, because even very good brands sometimes deviate from the stated weight of the boxing gloves.


2.1. Type of boxing gloves

Before you decide on the best kicking boxing gloves for you in a personal test, the planned area of ​​use of the gloves must first be clarified. A distinction is made between device gloves, sparring gloves and competition gloves. In the following, we at have shown you the properties of the different types of boxing gloves:

Type of kicking boxing gloves and Characteristics

Device gloves 

  • are suitable for training on the punching bag
  • should weigh about 8 to 18 ounces
  • Thumb of the gloves is not sewn
  • not suitable for training or competition with opponents

Sparring Gloves         

  • are suitable for training with a partner
  • should weigh about 16-20 ounces
  • should train method, strength, endurance and speed optimally
  • has thicker padding than the equipment glove to protect the trainee and their sparring partner from injury

Competition gloves    

  • are suitable for competitions with an opponent
  • should weigh about 10-12 ounces
  • Thumbs of the kicking boxing gloves are stitched to protect opponent's eye from injury
  • to be approved for official competitions, a boxing glove must have the AIBA and DBV seals.

2.2. Weight and size of boxing gloves

Which kicking boxing gloves are best for you depends on various factors.

The weight of a boxing glove is always given in ounces (oz) , as in the table of boxing glove types . A high weight corresponds to a high padding.

Since most gloves have a universal size and only differ in hardness, the selection of the best kicking boxing gloves is mainly based on the weight of the glove. They can be roughly divided into the following groups by weight:

  • Kicking boxing gloves under 10 oz: suitable for children, juniors and women
  • 10 oz boxing gloves: commonly used in professional competitions
  • Kicking boxing gloves over 10 oz: are mainly used for training

For orientation: One ounce corresponds to a weight of approx. 28.35 grams. With the units of 10 oz mentioned above, this in turn means a weight of approx. 283.5 grams.

For example, 14 oz kicking boxing gloves are softer, heavier and more cushioning than competition gloves and put more strain on the arm muscles, making them perfect for an intense workout that keeps the hand bones protected. Kicking boxing gloves with 16 oz are a bit heavier and ideal for training your endurance and increasing your punching speed over the long term.

Basically, kicking boxing gloves over 10 oz are very suitable for beginners and for training hobby boxers.

2.3. processing of boxing gloves

Ideally, the general processing quality of the kicking boxing gloves made of leather or imitation leather is of course as high as possible so that the gloves do not wear out too quickly. After all, the kicking boxing gloves must be able to withstand enormous loads in the test and over a long period of time .

So with your kicking boxing gloves test winner, make sure that the seams are properly processed and that the material is very robust and does not tear after intensive use.

2.4. Kicking boxing gloves design

Kicking boxing gloves are available in many different colors.

The design of the kicking boxing gloves naturally plays a subordinate role, but you should, especially with more expensive models, opt for kicking boxing gloves that you will like in the long run, for example in neutral colors. Kicking boxing gloves in white or black kicking boxing gloves are timeless, simple and will not go out of style anytime soon.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can of course also buy pink kicking boxing gloves or kicking boxing gloves in pink, green or blue. The colorful variants are particularly suitable for children.

2.5. Material of the boxing gloves

The best kicking boxing gloves are made of leather, but synthetic leather will suffice for occasional use. If you value the fact that your personal test only includes kicking boxing gloves that can be bought cheaply, you should choose artificial leather as the outer material . However, the low purchase price is offset by low breathability and faster wear .

If you want to train regularly, you should tend to buy kicking boxing gloves made of real leather. With proper care, leather does not wear out as quickly as artificial leather, is breathable and offers a high level of comfort. Leather and imitation leather items are available in all imaginable colors, not just the usual black or red.

The padding of most kicking boxing gloves for men and women consists of relatively flexible foam. So that it doesn't change its shape too easily, professional models are also filled with horsehair. In training, however, such significantly more expensive gloves are not necessary.

The inner lining of some kicking boxing gloves is breathable or is supplemented by mesh inserts. Thanks to this inner hand ventilation , your hands sweat less, which significantly increases the wearing comfort, especially with synthetic leather gloves. When deciding which kicking boxing gloves will be your personal test winner, this point should not be ignored.

Tip: If the boxing glove has no inner lining, the hands should also be protected with bandages. Bandages under the kicking boxing gloves also increase flexibility.

3. Are kicking boxing gloves with velcro or laces better?

As an alternative to the widespread kicking boxing gloves with Velcro, there are also those that are closed with a lacing, similar to shoelaces on shoes . The most important difference is actually only the closure of the gloves on the wrist.

There are laced kicking boxing gloves for men and women to buy as leather gloves, but also as imitation leather gloves. We from show the advantages and disadvantages of this type of kicking boxing gloves in the following comparison:


  • tight and secure hold around the wrist
  • additional padding on the wrist, greater comfort
  • often come with a longer cuff to better fit the arm
  • more comfortable to wear because the wrists feel narrower



  • Help needed from another person to tie cords
  • longer process of dressing and undressing
  • The ends of the cords must be taped off at the wrist in combat, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the opponent

Kicking boxing gloves are available with laces or with Velcro.

However, there are also good and bad aspects of kicking boxing gloves with Velcro. Disadvantages here are, for example, that the Velcro fastener could possibly scratch the opponent, that the stability and fit on the wrist vary greatly and that the Velcro fastener can lose its grip over time on inexpensive boxing gloves. The main advantage of such models is that they can be put on and taken off quickly and without help from another person and are therefore also suitable for short training sessions.

4. Which kicking boxing gloves do you need for certain sports?

Closed gloves weighing 10 ounces are worn in kickboxing . However, this does not apply to training: Here you can decide for yourself whether you want to wear gloves. In general, however, wearing kicking boxing gloves is recommended, especially for beginners.

Another subspecies of boxing is Thai boxing or Muay Thai. If you want to buy special kicking boxing gloves for this, they should have an inner lining and a short shaft . This allows foot attacks to be blocked.

Gloves used in MMA are fingerless with an open palm. This allows the opponent to be optimally gripped and held.

Flexible MMA gloves are the best decision for karate training on the punching bag . Kicking boxing gloves are generally not worn in this sport.


The type of kicking boxing gloves you need depends on the sport in question.

5. Are there special kicking boxing gloves for children and women?

5.1. Kicking boxing gloves for children


Kicking boxing gloves for children are characterized by a stronger padding.

Boxing is also suitable for children as a sport. Since these are still growing and their bones have not yet hardened, kicking boxing gloves for children have to meet special requirements.

In order to optimally protect the wrists, these models are particularly reinforced. They also have a significantly thicker padding than kicking boxing gloves for adults.

5.2. Kicking boxing gloves for women

For a long time there were no separate boxing glove models for women. Basically, kicking boxing gloves for men and women only differ in width, since women's hands are often somewhat narrower.

If you want to buy kicking boxing gloves for women that also fit well with narrow hands, gloves for young people can also be considered.

Good kicking boxing gloves can be had for as little as €30. It doesn't always have to be well-known and expensive brands like Everlast and Venum . Especially for a beginner it does not have to be a professional model. Depending on which subtype of boxing you practice, it may be necessary to purchase different models.

6. Important customer questions and our answers about the boxing glove comparison

6.1. What is the best brand of boxing gloves?

Kicking boxing gloves for women and men are available from well-known brands as well as from lesser known brands at very different prices. If you would like to buy kicking boxing gloves made of leather or another material, you will find them in many sports shops.

You have an even larger selection of kicking boxing gloves for women, men or children on the Internet. The following list shows you some of the top ten boxing glove manufacturers:

Kicking boxing gloves are available from many brands at very different prices.

  • Adidas
  • Everlast
  • twins
  • Puff sport
  • mma
  • RDX
  • Lonsdale
  • decathlon

6.2. What boxing glove size do I need?

Kicking boxing gloves are classified according to the weight of the gloves and, with the exception of women's and children's boxing gloves, are usually one size fits all. An accurate, firm fit on the wrist is important .

You will find kicking boxing gloves with the classic numbering S, M, L, XL, etc., but this refers to the hardness of the boxing glove and not to the size. Generally speaking, the heavier the boxer, the heavier the boxing glove should be.

6.3. What accessories do you need for boxing gloves?

Which accessories you need for your gloves depends on your project and your goals. If you train with a partner, you should buy pads for the kicking boxing gloves . A claw is a punch pad with which punches and kicks can be trained. Often you can buy a set of kicking boxing gloves and pads together.

If you want to train alone, you need a punching bag in addition to boxing gloves, a perfect training device for hobby and professional boxers. You should also buy bandages for kicking boxing gloves and, depending on the sport, maybe a set of kicking boxing gloves and head protection .


Good to know: Kicking boxing gloves should not be put over a fresh tattoo. In general, you should wait at least 6 weeks after getting a tattoo on your hands before continuing your boxing training to avoid inflammation.

6.4. How do you lace boxing gloves?

With kicking boxing gloves with lacing, the laces are tightened like a shoe , so that a good fit and secure hold is guaranteed and these are tied in a bow at the end.

Normally , however, you need the help of another person to do this, because a boxing glove is difficult or impossible to close with one hand.

6.5. In which colors can you buy boxing gloves?

Kicking boxing gloves are available in all imaginable colors. Kicking boxing gloves in black or white kicking boxing gloves with other color combinations are the most common.

If you want kicking boxing gloves in red or another colorful design, you will certainly find what you are looking for on the Internet. There you will find not only classic kicking boxing gloves made of leather but also some colorful variants, even kicking boxing gloves in pink. Pink kicking boxing gloves can be a great gift, especially for children.

6.6. Has Stiftung Warentest carried out a boxing glove test?

Neither Stiftung Warentest nor ÖKO-Test have carried out a boxing glove comparison so far and were therefore unable to determine a test winner in 2023.

In this purchase advice from, however, you will certainly find what you are looking for if you are looking for your personal boxing glove test winner.