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Boxing gloves test (These are the 10 best in 2023 for me)

  • Zishan Haider


Goodcleto reyes boxing gloves are essential for boxing training and belong in every boxing equipment. But you will also needcleto reyes boxing gloves for other martial arts such as kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA.

I have had the best experiences in boxing training and sparring withcleto reyes boxing gloves from Paffen Sport, Twins, Rival, Title and professionalcleto reyes boxing gloves from Adidas.

In this article I describe my personal experiences with a wide variety ofcleto reyes boxing gloves and create something like a boxing glove test. With this I hope that you can gather useful information before buying your newcleto reyes boxing gloves and that you will train well with them in the end.

Whichcleto reyes boxing gloves are better: lace-up or velcro gloves?

For daily boxing training and sparring in the club, I would always prefer normalcleto reyes boxing gloves with Velcro.

The Velcro allows you to quickly put on and take off yourcleto reyes boxing gloves on your own. With a boxing glove, on the other hand, you are dependent on the help of others, which can be difficult in boxing training.

In addition, the cords must always be covered with extra tape so that there is no risk of injury for your sparring partner.

How do you determine the correct boxing glove size?

Beginners in particular have the problem of deciding on the right size ofcleto reyes boxing gloves and then usually buy the wrong ones.

Thecleto reyes boxing gloves are then either too big or too small and therefore not ideal for boxing training.

If you also have the problem and are wondering which boxing glove size you should take, then I have - in addition to my detailed blog article under the link - here some tips in brief for you.

It is normal forcleto reyes boxing gloves to be measured in OZ (ounces). It is noticeable thatcleto reyes boxing gloves with 10 OZ are slightly smaller than e.g. B. the ones with 14 OZ.

As a result, the punch with the 10 OZcleto reyes boxing gloves can be much harder than with the larger models.

Therefore, when sparring, it is better to use the models with 12 OZ to 14 OZ so that you cannot seriously injure your sparring partner.

I recommend that you buycleto reyes boxing gloves in sizes 10 OZ and additionally in 14 OZ for your daily training. If you just want one pair ofcleto reyes boxing gloves for everything, then the 12 OZcleto reyes boxing gloves should be a good all-rounder, although many trainers do not condone sparring with 12 OZ.

But beware: thecleto reyes boxing gloves will wear out much faster if you use them for everything.

In competitions, on the other hand,cleto reyes boxing gloves with 10 OZ are often used. This is regulated differently depending on the competition and the type of event, but in general the 10 OZ boxing glove is used for boxing in the ring.

These are the general rules for choosing your OZ size forcleto reyes boxing gloves in regular boxing training.

But what about training on the punching bag?

For the punching bag you simply take the 10 OZ so that your punch becomes more stable and harder.

The problem here is that training on the punching bag causes yourcleto reyes boxing gloves to wear out much more quickly.

For this reason, you should buy extracleto reyes boxing gloves for training on the punching bag , which differ slightly in shape from normal boxing gloves.

Whichcleto reyes boxing gloves do you recommend?

The article was a little longer than expected and you might still be wondering whichcleto reyes boxing gloves you should buy for your boxing training?

At the moment I am still using my Paffen Sport STAR boxing gloves, which I can recommend to every boxing beginner.

Thecleto reyes boxing gloves feel comfortable, optimally stabilize the hands and should last a long time thanks to the leather.

Lacedcleto reyes boxing gloves used to be considered a better choice because they were more stable and didn't slip, but modern Velcro has become so good that it doesn't make a difference now.

If you like lacecleto reyes boxing gloves then I would only recommend these for competitions. As already mentioned, the cords always have to be covered with extra tape.

But you don't have to buy these boxing gloves. I have shown you enough alternatives and given tips for your choice.

A good pair ofcleto reyes boxing gloves feels comfortable and fits the wrist.

The boxing glove should not tire your arms or force you into an uncomfortable fighting position. This is where specific gravity comes into play.

Qualitycleto reyes boxing gloves will withstand any punch without losing cushioning. It is important to take a look at the material used during production.

The materials used can be an indication of how long the boxing glove will last before it tears and loses its cushioning.

Before you buy your new boxing gloves, note that a cheap glove may have a better fit and cushioning than an expensive one the first time you try it on.

However, this usually does not remain the case in the long term and far more factors play an important role. So don't be fooled by the first wearing feeling.

If you notice that a boxing glove brand is missing in this comparison, then I have not tried it myself or heard any authentic testimonials from others to form my own opinion.

Info: If you like a boxing glove and you buy it through my link, I get a small commission - without you having to pay extra. Transparency is important to me, so I write openly about it.

Rest assured, however, that my goal on the site is quality and useful information that is primarily intended to help you as a boxer - I've already proven that in my numerous boxing tips articles.

Why are goodcleto reyes boxing gloves important in martial arts?

Boxing is a contact sport and the injury rate is correspondingly high.

Wearing goodcleto reyes boxing gloves is important to ensure that your hands continue to function for the rest of your life and to protect yourself from injury during boxing training.

The boxing glove protects the hands from serious injuries by stabilizing them.

A good boxing glove also prevents diseases such as weakened joints and muscles, as well as arthritis.

Of course, that sounds scary, but it can happen.

You protect your head with good head protection when boxing and you should also protect your hands by wearing good quality boxing gloves.

Somecleto reyes boxing gloves are not only designed to protect your own hands, but have extra padding to protect your sparring partner from injury.

This is especially useful for daily boxing training, because you don't necessarily want to knock out your partner right away.

Conclusion about thecleto reyes boxing gloves comparison for martial artists

This text contains an overview of different boxing glove brands and tips for choosing the right glove size.

The brands examined include Paffen Sport, Twins, Rival, Title and Adidas.

There are many different factors that you need to consider when choosing the right pair of boxing gloves, such as the OZ rating, the lace or velcro closures, the padding and of course the overall quality.

I hope this article has helped you narrow down your choices.

Don't forget to consider your individual needs and preferences when making your decision, because there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the best boxing gloves.

When buying your new boxing gloves, you only need to try them on, or you can rely on the experience of other users and my test reports on the blog.

Because there are so many different brands and types ofcleto reyes boxing gloves on the market, it's important that you do your research and find the right pair for you.

If you don't want to look far, just buy a pair ofcleto reyes boxing gloves from Paffen Sport or even better from Rival. An alternative would be Adidas or Everlast.