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FTX best soccer balls size 5

FTX best soccer balls size 5

  • Zishan Haider

Soccer, also known as football, is a popular sport that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. From casual games to professional tournaments, soccer requires specific equipment, the most important being the ball. The soccer ball is the heart of the game, and choosing the right size and type of ball can greatly impact the players' performance and enjoyment. This article will discuss the best soccer balls in size 5 and what makes them stand out.

Firstly, it's important to understand what size 5 soccer balls are. A size 5 soccer ball is the standard ball size used in adult and professional soccer games. It has a 27-28 inches circumference and a weight of around 14-16 ounces. Size 5 soccer balls are suitable for players aged 12 and up, making them popular for high school, college, and professional players.

When choosing the best soccer ball size 5, several factors must be considered, including the ball's material, design, and durability. Here are the best soccer balls size 5 on the market and what makes them stand out:

The FTX soccer ball is a best soccer balls size 5 leisure ball that the manufacturer recommends for all soccer players aged 13 and over. It's made from a blend of polyurethane, leather, and ABS plastic, and according to the manufacturer, has a hand-sewn construction made up of a total of 32 panels. A special surface finish is intended to ensure stable flight and jumping characteristics and good grip. The rubber bladder, also called the SR bladderis called, is to ensure the round shape.

In the professional sector, best soccer balls size 5 has been set by the world association FIFA. The balls must therefore have a circumference of between 68 and 70 centimeters and a weight of 410 to 450 grams. Other criteria are a pressure of 0.6 to 1.1 bar and, unsurprisingly, the shape of a sphere. Balls that are usually found in shops usually correspond to these specifications.

Before buying, you should think about where and how the ball should be used. For a six-year-old who occasionally plays soccer in the garden, a cheap, simple ball that is ideally smaller and lighter will do the trick. Experienced team players, on the other hand, usually want to play with a competition-compliant ball in their free time or in training, which can then be a bit more expensive.

You can get the cheapest footballs for around 10 euros. However, they are often not processed that well, which can be seen in the seams in particular.

What exactly do the ball sizes 3, 4 and best soccer balls size 5 mean?

Ball sizes 3 and 4 are used in children's and youth football because they only weigh 290 to 350 grams and have a diameter of between 19 and 21 centimetres. For normal football, however, size 5 is used, which is also the most commonly offered in stores. These footballs have a circumference of 68 to 70 centimeters and a weight of 410 to 450 grams at the start of the game.

Buy a best soccer balls size 5: Experience the best ball control!

Size 5 soccer balls are mainly used in men's professional sports. Each ball is weighed several times under lock and key. According to the requirements, an official best soccer balls size 5 should weigh between 410 and 450 g. With girth, the average value is measured at different points. This value must also comply with the rule and be between 68 and 70 cm. The soccer ball size 5 has the best ball control with an even circumference visit our store for best soccer balls size 5.

Best soccer balls size 5: particularly tough

Whether it's hot, cold or raining: footballs have to stand up to the toughest loads in football matches. At the same time, abrasion from ground contact and the force of the shots affect the material. For the best performance, we rely on hard-wearing PU materials and optimal jumping properties. As a result, the balls are abrasion-resistant and do not absorb water, making them suitable for all pitch and weather conditions. Convince yourself of the excellent quality of our footballs and order today.

Soccer balls size 5

Large selection of best soccer balls size 5

Are you looking for the right type of best soccer balls size 5? At FTX you will discover a large number of competition, training, indoor, pendulum, floodlit or beach soccer balls , as well as light balls with reduced weight.