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How to decorate a motorbike motorbike cake  for a man: Motorbike motorbike cake for biker

  • Zishan Haider

 Motorbike motorbike cake  for a man - step-by-step recipe

I want to cover the motorbike cake  with fondant. Yes, you can decorate such a motorbike motorbike cake  with cream, but it will turn out more effectively with mastic. So, under the mastic, you need a special cream. That is, it must be dense and stable. Ganache would be ideal. There are many recipes for this cream. Today I will give my version of the ganache for the mastic motorbike motorbike cake .

  1. I love working with this cream. What needs to be done? The first thing to do is melt the chocolate. I do it in the microwave, pulses. I mix well so that no unmelted pieces remain, and when the chocolate has cooled down a bit, I add an element of plums. The butter should be at room temperature.
  2. I immediately start working with a mixer. I whip chocolate with butter. The ganache turns dark when I add all the butter to the chocolate. You can stop at this result.
  3. If you continue whipping, the ganache will brighten and become more magnificent.
  4. Ganache is ready. Next, we cover our workpiece, which has settled overnight in the refrigerator. The inner world of the motorbike cake can be anything, cooked to your taste. I have chocolate sponge motorbike motorbike cake , homemade salted caramel, sour mascarpone cream, chocolate layer, cherry jam, and roasted peanuts.
  5. We cover the workpiece with a ganache and send it to the refrigerator for several hours.
  6. Roll out the mastic into a large layer according to the size of your motorbike cake .
  7. Then, we cover the chilled workpiece.
  8. We need to create these folds. The rougher they get, the more realistic our motorbike motorbike cake will come out.
  9. I cut off the excess mastic and put it in a bag.
  10. We send the motorbike cake in this form to the refrigerator.
  11. Now, let's make the top of the bag. For him, I will roll out the mastic in such a strip.
  12. My mastic is soft and will not hold on its own. So I will make a frame for her. I'm making this foil ring.
  13. I spread the mastic tape in folds. I leave it to dry overnight. Your mastic is more modeling, and you will not need this frame!
  14. To decorate the motorbike motorbike cake , I need another piece of white fondant. We roll it into a very thick tourniquet and fold it in half.
  15. Then we will bind together. This will be the rope.
  16. We attach our workpiece, which has dried up, to the top of the motorbike cake . I do this with a decor gel, but you can lubricate the junction with some water, and that's it.
  17. Press lightly and fix. It turns out like this. Yes, I also made such a tag from a piece of white mastic. The inscription on the bag is black food dye, or you can use a food felt-tip pen.
  18. We tie the bag with a mastic rope and use scissors to make brushes at the ends of the rope.
  19. I will fill such a "Bag" motorbike cake with mastic coins, which I painted with kandurin. I also printed food money. It's wafer paper. We attach the gel to water or decor.