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Learn how to choose your boxing gloves

Learn how to choose your boxing gloves

  • Zishan Haider

Without a doubt, boxing gloves are one of the essential protective items for any boxer, whether amateur or professional, which protect you and your opponent.

If you are starting in the world of boxing, it is essential that before purchasing the gloves with which you are going to train, you have an idea of ​​the factors you should consider to choose the ones that best suit you.

Whether you are interested in kickboxing, French boxing, complete contact, or muay thai, you should always check the material from which the everlast boxing gloves are made.

These protection tools can be made of various materials (leather, synthetic leather, imitation leather) and are used to cushion impacts at the level of the phalanges and in the opponent's hitting areas (face, chest, abdomen, ribs, shoulders, and arms).

The quality of the FTX everlast boxing gloves will influence the technical characteristics and the quality of the fight, as well as the comfort and safety of the people who practice this sport. For this reason, you must check the inner lining of the gloves since those that hardly have any can hurt the athlete who wears them.

On the other hand, you have to look at the brand when you choose gloves and the function you will give them.

If you are going to start taking everlast boxing gloves classes for the first time or if you practice very infrequently, our advice is to buy some cheap gloves, because it is not worth investing in professional gloves, which in addition to being much more expensive, are not worth it. You're going to make the most of it.

Logically, beginners will only face an opponent for a short time. So, essential boxing gloves are more than enough to cover your boxing needs for training. On the contrary, we recommend keeping excellent gloves if you already have a more advanced level or are preparing for a fight.

Nothing is better than a good boxing session to de-stress while learning self-defense and gaining self-confidence.

Usually, gloves designed for entry-level boxers are industrially made. In addition to finding them in imitation leather, polyurethane (PU) is a highly elastic polymer that prevents the gloves from tearing.

On the other hand, most mid-range gloves designed for intermediate-level boxers have an internal foam reinforcement that offers excellent protection and comfort to whoever wears them.

Finally, gloves for professionals are usually handmade in an artisan way and are made of leather, which considerably increases their cost.

Finally, in addition to choosing your everlast boxing gloves according to your level, weight, and tastes (color and design), it is recommended that you use bandages and mitts (inner gloves) to extend the life of your gloves while reducing sweating of your hands.

These hand accessories offer extra protection to the joints and bones and help increase the power of punches. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for elastic bands to wrap your hands, cotton bandages with velcro closure, or gel mitts. The important thing is that they fit your hands well without feeling uncomfortable.