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Motorbike jacket armour is essential before riding a bike

  • Zishan Haider

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable in traffic than, for example, car drivers. To reduce the number of casualties, the government sets requirements for riding a motorcycle. For instance, every motorcycle driver must have a motorcycle license and Motorbike jacket armour. Anyone on a bike or scooter must wear a Motorbike jacket armour.

You must wear an approved Motorbike jacket armour on the motorcycle. Protective clothing is mandatory. Choose a dress explicitly designed for motorcyclists. This FTX Motorbike jacket armour will protect you if things go wrong. Fortunately, this custom has become established in our country. But what protective clothing does the law prescribe? We looked it up.

Motorcyclists must demonstrate that they have mastered the rules of the road and their motorcycle during the practical motorcycle exam. In addition, there are also dress requirements during the exam. For example, the motorcyclist must wear an approved helmet, eye protection, high shoes or boots, gloves and Motorbike jacket armour.

You can buy jackets that are more summer-oriented or jackets that are winter oriented. You can only wear genuine summer jackets for 30+ in the summer. However, many jackets are suitable from 10-25 degrees or from -5 to +15 degrees. A lot of jackets achieve this by fitting removable liners. If you remove the lining, you can ride in the jacket when it gets warmer.  

You can go a long way to driving around summer-proof by using the ventilation options and removing the removable linings.

Take the FTX motorbike jacket armour. A proper 3-layer all-season motorbike jacket armour with all the trimmings for the adventurous rider who takes to the (unpaved) road under various weather conditions. But if you dissect it, you can transform it into a summer jacket up to 24 degrees. Take out the waterproof membrane and thermal liner. Unzip your air intakes highlighted below, and voila. Even at 20 degrees, you can still drive around comfortably because the oversized ventilation zippers allow cooling to pass through on summer days and dissipate heat through the openings on the back.

Motorbike jacket armour also has cooling base layers that contain moisture-regulating and breathable properties. Summer thermal clothing ensures that moisture can be expelled so the body stays cool, and you wear it under your current motorcycle clothing. It ensures that your clothes do not stick to your skin and that you can easily remove the outfit. Another perk: it keeps your company hygienic.

For maximum cooling during sweltering summer rides, we also have several cooling vests in our range. You wear this heavy artillery during the tropical summers in the Netherlands or holiday trips. The cooling vests you can fill with water can keep you cool for up to 3 days! The active materials provide cooling to the body, which has an extra effect, partly due to the ventilation openings in your motorbike jacket armour. Keep your head cool while driving, and wear a cooling vest under your motorcycle jacket. The perceived temperature can be lowered by up to 15 degrees.