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Motorcycle distressed leather jackets ideal for riding in any weather

  • Zishan Haider

A garment that should never be missing in autumn is a good biker jacket that is or looks like leather. What's the trick? Leather jackets provide a warm first layer on colder days, without being as heavy as long coats or puffer jackets. With their slightly worn-in look, they're also a departure from summer fashion , which is almost always light and usually very romantic and polished.

Leather jackets with a used or worn look are the perfect 'stop fix', that 'transitional' piece that has arrived to take up residence in your wardrobe. Its lightweight, effortless cut might not make it a definitive coat for the coldest winter, but it does make it look fit and on point, especially when it's still a little warm out there.

In terms of style, the fall transition can be quite a challenge. Especially since in summer the trends are reduced to the least amount of fabric and layers possible to reasonably survive the increasingly hot temperatures.   

That's why the leather jacket , and the ability to be worn at the waist when not needed, with turtleneck sweaters on a cold afternoon or with a simple tank top if the sun is out, make it an ideal garment.This is why the contrast will be even more pronounced in autumn 2022. This year we have seen a boom in used-look leather jackets , as certified by the Prada and By Malene Birger catwalks which are available at Fightx.

This fall trend is characterized by the fact that the jackets have lighter areas, which make them look worn and reveal the normal broken or used texture that leather jackets acquire over the years. To this effect the typical elements of biker jackets are added , such as striking pockets, belts, epaulettes and buckles. These jackets can come in a fitted or oversized waist.

To get the most out of the preloved style of these leather jackets , you can try pairing them with minimalist outfits in subtle colors. Thanks to the patina of the leather (or imitation leather), these garments harmonize perfectly with gray or brown tones. Although they also look great with elegant garments such as long crochet dresses , wool skirts or pleated pants that provide a break in style between the formal pants and the relaxed leather.

Of course, you are free to choose if you want a genuine leather jacket or an imitation leather or leatherette model. With this trend, of vintage origin , for fall 2022 , it is definitely worth taking a look in the wardrobe of your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather. Or also take a tour of the second-hand stores in your city.

Remember that beyond the quality, or signature behind that jacket that you already have in your closet, what counts (this season) is whether or not it has the worn look that is more on trend than ever

Distressed look leather jackets that are in fashion in fall 2022:

As you will see in these examples, there are ultra-short models, to imitate Madonna 's fetish jackets at the time of her tour for the album Confessions On A Dance Floor; but there are also long, very loose models with wide lapels that respond directly to the influence of Y2K fashion, which we will also see in this season.