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As Omega's longest-reigning champion, MJF hopes to break his record.

As Omega's longest-reigning champion, MJF hopes to break his record.

  • Kamran Imtiaz


MJF accepted Omega's challenge just a couple of days ago when the match was supposed to be aired on Dynamite, and the match was about to be aired when Omega offered him the challenge, which he accepted. There are several aspects to the match that revolve around Omega's reign as champion, which he had previously held for 346 days prior to the match. After winning the title on November 19, 2022, MJF will be the longest-reigning World champion in AEW history, if he manages to maintain it on Saturday, surpassing Omega and becoming the longest-reigning World champion in the history of the promotion.

The AEW world title reign of MJF surpasses Kenny Omega's record for the longest reign of any AEW world title in the history of the organization

The main event of tonight's (Oct. 28) episode of Collision was a match between Kenny Omega and MJF for the AEW world championship. Omega challenged MJF for the gold in the match. Due to the fact that Omega wanted to stop MJF from breaking the record for having the longest reign with the belt as the longest champion on this planet, he decided to have this match show up on TV instead of pay-per-view.

As part of the hype video for last night's Rampage, there was an indication that the match would be interfered with in some way by Don Callis and Jay White in some way. In an earlier episode of Collision, Samoa Joe was also sure to make sure to have a friendly chat with MJF in order to inform him that he would be around for any sort of involvement, so as to make sure he could assist Max if needed.

As I recall, all of these outside parties were so invested in the outcome of this world title match between MJF vs. Omega that there was no way there could be a clean ending to the event on television.

Among all of these people, Don Callis was the only one who ventured down to ringside with the intention to affect the match, and he turned out to be the only one who was able to do so. In order for Omega to execute the One-Winged Angel Finishing Move, MJF had to be in the right position, but Kenny was distracted by Don's presence, so he did not carry it out.

The referee then ejected Callis from the ringside area after he jumped on the apron a short time later after Omega landed a V-Trigger and almost had the match won, so after Omega landed his V-Trigger, Don jumped on the apron and called for an end to the match.

The current champion proved to be the better man, even when everything was down to an exhausted MJF and Omega. It is with great pleasure that I inform you that after having used Adam Cole's Panama Sunrise move against Kenny to great effect, he finished him off with the Heatseeker move that he had learned from his best friend Adam Cole.

Wardlow, Samoa Joe, Bullet Club Gold, and Powerhouse Hobbs were all watching on from the shadows as Kenny shook the hand of MJF after the match as he hugged him.

This victory will now enable MJF to break Kenny's record in just a few days in order to become the longest-reigning AEW world champion of all time as a result of this victory.

Hikaru Shida defends the women's title with a win over MJF and Kenny Omega on October 28th in AEW Collision Results

The main event of tonight's episode is going to be one of the biggest in AEW history - the AEW World Champion MJF will face Kenny Omega for the right to defend his title. There will also be another title on the line, as Hikaru Shida is defending the AEW Women's Championship against Abadon. Of course, that won't be the only title on the line as well. "AEW Rampage," which aired on October 27, saw Abadon defeat Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue, and Anna Jay to qualify for tonight's title match.


MJF's thorn in the side and leader of Bullet Club Gold, Jay White will be in action against AR Fox, while members of House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews) will be returning to action this week. It has been a while since The Stable last battled on the mats since they lost the AEW World Trios Title to Daddy A** and The Acclaimed at AEW All In. 

Winner: Jay White

The belt is returned to MJF after the match, but White gets the belt back as well. A chant of his name is heard from the crowd as MJF runs into it.

The Acclaimed's Max Caster has been catfished by someone posing as MJF backstage during a show with the Acclaimed. Daddy A** and Anthony Bowens discuss the celebration of Anthony Bowens' birthday

There is no doubt that MJF retained the AEW World title over Kenny Omega at Collision. In spite of the attempts made by Don Callis to interfere, MJF won cleanly. In Saturday's AEW World Championship match between MJF and the AEW Masters, MJF retained the title.

It was a hotly contested match between MJF and Omega that ended in MJF pinning Omega clean after hitting Adam Cole's Panama Sunrise, and he then followed this up with the heatseeker piledriver to win the match. Following the match, Omega was able to recover and the two shook hands afterward.

There was an attempt by Don Callis to attack Kenny Omega with the screwdriver towards the end of the match in an attempt to finish the match. Eventually, the referee threw him out of the match, and the game ended as a result.

The result of this result means that MJF will now become the longest-reigning AEW World Champion in history as a result of this result. In terms of total reign time, he will surpass Kenny Omega's record of 343 days that stands at the moment. At Full Gear last year, MJF won the championship for the first time in his career.

On Saturday, following MJF's victory, a number of people were seen watching the results of the match backstage, including Samoa Joe, Wardlow, and Powerhouse Hobbs. On top of that, Bullet Club Gold was also seen watching the results, as AEW's next pay-per-view event, Full Gear, is set to take place on November 18 and Jay White will challenge MJF for the championship.

MJF, The Wrestling Superstar Who Is Better Than You, Spent an Afternoon On Long Island

The world champion of All Elite Wrestling, MJF, is in the mood for a bad day, having had a rough encounter with his fellow wrestler which led to a disputed title in the past year. We're waiting for sushi at a ritzy harborfront restaurant, but the champion is in a bad mood, lingering on a tense situation.

Over the past decade, wrestling has become more family-friendly in terms of cursing, but MJF has continued to cut blue streaks on the microphone as he curses from time to time. There are a number of things that set Friedman apart from the competition, including his ability to apply his skillset to almost any decade in wrestling history. This is just one of the many things that set him apart from the competition.

According to him, the difference between MJF and anyone I get into the ring with is that you have no choice but to invest emotionally in him, and you also have to invest emotionally in anyone I get into the ring with. I care about what I'm doing, and I know that you care about me as well, so I'm happy to be involved."

MJF and the Salt of the Earth

MJF's single-handed rise to the top of the card by elevating Wardlow's star proved he was ready to grab the industry by the horns. The other guys are undeniably high profile, but they came to AEW after competitors like MJF laid the groundwork. I find it insulting that MJF is so underpaid, especially when he has worked with such genuine stars to expand the AEW product.

Before his match with Wardlow, MJF reportedly booked a flight out of town before a meet and greet at the AEW fanfest. MJF laid out his frustrations in a promo that not only made him the hottest wrestler in the business, but also emulated his childhood idol.



Even before he stepped into the ring on Wednesday night, MJF was known for his ability to talk. In the first half hour of the broadcast, no matter what MJF did, fans were buzzing. A reality-based promo was recognized by fans as such. It was easy to buy everything MJF was selling because he spoke with such conviction.

There is no doubt that MJF's star is burning brighter than ever before (and with that comes a bigger paycheck), AEW is gaining viewers and fans are captivated by this storyline.

The possibility of Vince McMahon writing Khan a check with more zeros than AEW Dark Elevation squash matches will make him lick his chops even if Khan fails to pony up the money MJF feels is fair for everything he has done. As of Thursday morning, AEW Dynamite was still trending on Twitter at No. 3 as of Thursday morning. What is the most discussed topic? MJF.

In the aforementioned Punk promo, we saw this play out. In his own industry-shaking moment, MJF did and said everything his idol and on-screen foe did and said, including venting frustration at other stars receiving accolades he believes he should have received, accusing fans of not supporting him, and ranting until his mic was pulled.


The MJF is the hottest act in wrestling just like Punk a decade ago. AEW's response to the promo will determine whether it can protect itself from his claims it was a shoot or maintain the momentum of the angle.