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Before you buy gloves from a boxing supplies store, here are some things to consider

Before you buy gloves from a boxing supplies store, here are some things to consider

  • Zishan Haider

Gloves are an essential piece of boxing equipment. Here's what you need to know about training, sparring, and competition gloves in boxing supplies stores near me. Check out Fightx handmade, pro-fighter training gloves if you're in the market for new boxing gloves. Ensure that your most important equipment is protected at all times.

Boxers' greatest asset is their hands. As a result, boxing gloves are an essential part of a boxer's protective gear. The boxing world has developed a variety of boxing gloves, as well as other martial arts disciplines like Muay Thai and MMA, which use different types of gloves. Fighting gloves are a fighter's first line of defence against hand injuries, so choosing the right pair at a boxing supply store near you is important.

Take these four (4) points into consideration when researching boxing gloves.

  • Material - What are the gloves made of, and how durable are they
  • Protective padding - Thickness, location, and type
  • Gloves' intended use - What they are intended for
  • Weight - The appropriate weight for the intended use

What are boxing gloves made of, what do they do, and how do they compare to other combat sports gloves? Let's look at the design behind the main types of boxing gloves.


  • Leather is usually used for these
  • Knuckle padding made of thick foam
  • Stiff wrist support with lace-ups or hook-and-loop closures (Velcro)
  • Ideal for training with a partner and a bag
  • Hands, wrists, and knuckles are protected

Heavy bag and partner drills are ideal for training gloves. Stiff lace-up or hook-and-loop closures (Velcro wraps) around the wrist offer good stability and shock absorption. Premium training gloves are made of leather, but neoprene is also available. During intense workouts, boxers' training gloves protect their knuckles, hands, and wrists. Weight is used to measure boxing gloves. If you need more certainty about glove weight when buying gloves from a boxing supplies store. Check out the fightx online boxing gloves store to learn more about this. 


  • Neoprene is usually used as the material
  • Thin padding
  • Support is minimal
  • Suitable for light bag work focusing on form
  • The gloves provide less protection than training gloves.

Bag gloves are one of the most minimalistic glove designs designed to train technicians on heavy bags. Boxers are more likely to feel feedback in their hands and arms due to thin padding and little wrist support. The most common material used to make these gloves is neoprene rather than leather. While minimal padding helps improve technique, it also means that less protection is provided against injury. Beginners or anyone wanting a heavy bag from near a boxing supplies store should choose a more durable and versatile training glove from fightx.


  • Impact-reducing padding
  • Partner sparring is good
  • Approximately 16 ounces or more
  • Gloves designed for sparring are safe.

Sparring gloves have softer padding to distribute force better than training gloves.You and your sparring partner should use boxing gloves that are 16 ounces or more, according to Fightx. Boxers also invest in sparring gloves for this reason. Sparring gloves designed for sparring matches will be lighter than 16 ounces, so you should get a second pair from a boxing supplies store if you plan to spar.


  • Padded like training gloves
  • Lace-up closure needed
  • Competitive boxing is tightly regulated

Boxing gloves are closely regulated in competitive boxing matches. Competition gloves are further classified as amateur or professional depending on the weight class and division. Competition gloves that meet these regulations are essential for fighters who want to go pro. The padding on competition gloves is stiffer than on premium training gloves. In addition, most competitive boxing standards require that these boxing gloves have a lace-up closure rather than a hook-and-loop closure to prevent potential snagging during a bout.

The versatility of the Fightx hand-crafted, pro-fighter training gloves can be something you need to consider if you are in the boxing supplies store nearby looking for a new pair of boxing gloves. To get the most out of your investment, take the time to take care of your most important gear by learning how to care for your wraps and gloves properly. We at Fightx have everything you need to work out on your schedule, whether it's premium boxing equipment or hundreds of on-demand classes taught by real fighters, ranging from strength and conditioning to kickboxing, boxing, core, and recovery.