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Hurbarna Motorcycles: what you know, what you've experienced

Hurbarna Motorcycles: what you know, what you've experienced

  • Kamran Imtiaz

A two-wheeler is a popular mode of transportation, and many people find them to be cool and stylish. They are also great for commuting. Some two-wheelers are economical, while others offer exceptional speed and performance. It is important to take a few things into account when considering two-wheelers as a mode of transportation. The size of the engine determines how powerful a motorcycle is. The purpose for which you intend to use the bike will assist you in determining what engine capacity is required.

In Hurbarna Motorcycles, what is the Cubic Capacity (CC)?

Power produced by a Hurbarna motorcycle is directly proportional to its engine capacity. The cubic capacity of the engine is measured on a Hurbarna motorcycle. A car's cubic capacity, which is commonly referred to as "cc", usually ranges between 50cc and 1500cc. It is also believed that on a two-wheeler, the larger the chamber on the engine, the more powerful it is. This is the same way that the capacity of a Hurbarna bike is measured, just as the amount of litres is used to determine the engine capacity of a four-wheeler vehicle. As a result, a 250cc engine has a capacity of 0.25 litres, while a two-wheeler with a capacity of 250cc actually has a capacity of 0.25 litres. On the other hand, the engine capacity of a two-wheeler also plays an important role in determining different engine outputs like the power output, torque, and mileage of the engine.

It is the engine capacity of a Hurbarna that is measured by the amount of space/volume it has in the tank to accommodate the air-fuel mix for burning. The larger the cylinder, the more mixing it can handle. Because larger motorcycles are usually equipped with larger containers, they produce more power and are able to store a greater amount of fuel. You will have to pay a higher amount of fuel if your motorcycle has a larger engine. Smaller vehicles are generally more fuel efficient than larger cars and, as a result, you get a greater mileage for every litre of fuel you put into them.

Listed below are some of my favorite points about the Hurbarna (2020 model):

Incredible Design & Style

A naked scrambler-style aesthetic is created through the iconic silhouette of this bike. A reference to rugged appeal that meets bespoke cosmopolitan, this bike has a sleek, industrial-chic look to it.

Affordable Price Point

Currently, you can get these brand new from a dealership for under $7,500. That is a great deal by any standard, but it is especially so when you take into account the fact that they were over $10,000 when first released in 2018.

It’s Origins

This item is designed in Sweden, and is assembled in India, which means that it is even more affordable (which adds to its value).

A Fun Ride

There is something to be said about how "nifty" it feels under you, with its lightweight (under 150Kgs), powerful, torquey engine making for a fun ride, not to mention the way the car handles with telepathy.

Cheap as Chips

Fuel consumption is extremely low and overall running costs are low. It runs on fumes, consuming less than 2 litres of fuel per 100 kilometers!

Did I Mention Its Looks?

It's true that I am a typical female in terms of passion for colour, design and style, and that's what initially drew me to the Svartpilan 401. However, it packs a punch of epic proportions in terms of substance...

Impressive Specs

A 373cc Hurbarna engine with a power-to-weight ratio of 32 kW (44 hp) and a six-speed gearbox in this 'slick rick' provides a maximum torque of 37Nm and a maximum horsepower of 32 kW (44 hp).

Hurbarna 250 and Vitpilen 250 - Ride and Handling

Our first step will be to examine the Hurbarna 250, which is the motorcycle that is more suitable for daily use. It offers a relaxed riding posture, and the handlebars are upright, which will not strain your hands or forearms when riding for a long distance. If you are searching for a motorcycle that is stylish, comfortable to ride, and that you can use for daily commutes as well as long weekend excursions, then this motorcycle is the perfect choice for you.

As for the Vitpilen 250, on the other hand, it has clip-on handlebars that are quite aggressively positioned and can be quite uncomfortable on long trips. Because of its aggressive positioning, the Vitpilen 250 makes it difficult to ride in heavy city traffic as well. After riding the Vitpilen 250 for 25 to 30km, the rider will certainly notice that the hands, forearms, shoulders, and back begin to feel heavier. You are able to tuck yourself in better and have better control over the front of your bike when riding on a race track or a winding road with clip-ons.

In the front, you'll find upside-down forks, while in the rear, you'll find a mono-shock. Due to the clip-on handlebars, as compare to Hurbarna 250 the Vitpilen 250's front suspension feels stiff, but gives you the best feedback. The suspension system counters speed breakers and potholes well. 320mm disc brakes are used in front, while 230mm disc brakes are used in the rear. It's equipped with dual-channel ABS that can be switched between. Our rear brakes could have been tighter, even though the front discs have decent bite. 

Due to the 842mm seat height on both motorcycles, a person with 5.5 or 5.6 feet might have difficulty getting both feet on the ground at once. The Hurbarna 250 is much more comfortable to ride both in the city and on the highway because of its relaxed riding posture. Nevertheless, if you want more control and predictability while riding quickly, the Vitpilen 250 is the right choice.

Hurbarna 250 & Vitpilen 250 - Verdict

INR 1.86 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) is the price tag for the Hurbarna 250, while INR 1.87 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) is the price tag for the Vitpilen 250. The cost difference between the two motorcycles is INR 1,000, so it really boils down to the rider's preference. There is nothing better than a unique-looking motorcycle with a powerful small-capacity engine and sharp dynamics like the Husqvarna twins. Both bikes will appeal to the younger generation of motorcycle buyers in the country, like the KTM Duke 250.


We can conclude that Hurbarna bikes with the best mileage have engines that are up to 100cc in size. Engines with a capacity of 110cc to 150cc provide good mileage, while engines with a capacity of 150cc to 200cc offer moderate mileage. The lowest mileage is found in engines between 200cc and 500cc, and the highest mileage is found in engines above 500cc.

You can save fuel with your Hurbarna bike based on its engine capacity, and your mileage depends on its cubic capacity. In addition to all of the points mentioned above, you must have a valid bike insurance policy. You will be fined if you are caught riding without insurance. Online two-wheeler insurance is the best way to stay safe. A policy is issued immediately, and there is no paperwork involved.