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"ONYX RCR: Electric Powerhouse Redefining Transportation with Speed and Style"

"ONYX RCR: Electric Powerhouse Redefining Transportation with Speed and Style"

  • Kamran Imtiaz

It's not just the two wheels that make ONYX fun. For daily commuters, we offer dirt trim bikes in addition to electric pedal-assist bikes. The motor pedal has been redefined for everyone. Micromobility as a concept. The electric bike market consists of many types, such as ebikes, mopeds, dirtbikes, and wheelie bikes.

The RCR is described as a hybrid between an ebike and an electric motorcycle, capable of reaching speeds of around 60 mph. An LCD digital dashboard with an in-dash speedometer and battery information is included on this car, but a VIN number is not included. It even has a digital LCD dash with a speedometer, as well as headlights, taillights, brake lights, blinkers, and full suspension. Recently, I moved to Los Angeles and I have seen at least two of these wooden machines every week. Would you be able to tell me exactly what it is? Consequently, I contacted Onyx Motorbikes for more information.

Onyx bikes have a top speed of what?

With a top speed of 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour), the Onyx RCR electric moped is among the fastest in its class. Three modes are available:

  • It reaches a top speed of 20 mph when in ECO mode
  • A maximum speed of 40 mph is achieved by the NRM
  • A top speed of 60 miles per hour is achieved by the SPT

How far is the Onyx RCR able to travel at 60 mph?

An Onyx RCR electric bike with a range of 75 miles at 60 mph is available from Alien Rides.

Can the Onyx bike handle a certain amount of weight?

Two riders are allowed to ride together up to 350 pounds. Is the bike equipped with multiple speeds? In addition to the ECO mode, the bike comes with the NRM (off-road) and SPT (off-road) modes.

Does the Onyx RCR meet street legal requirements?

One of the fastest electric bikes available is the ONYX RCR eBike moped. Unlike many other cars on the road, it can reach speeds up to 60 mph. ONYX RCR ebike mopeds may require special registration in certain states due to their top speed.

What is the manufacturing location of Onyx electric bikes?

An electric bicycle with a range of 60 miles and a top speed of 45 mph from Alien Rides, the ONYX CTY2.


A followup to ONYX's extremely popular RCR electric bike, the CTY2 is manufactured right here in California.

What is the name of the CEO of Onyx bikes?

  • Tim Seward, Founder and CEO of Onyx Motorbikes, speaks with the company's CEO, James Khatiblou.
  • Tim Seward, Founder and CEO of Onyx Motorbikes, discusses the company's history.

What does the name Onyx mean?

AGTA | Onyx

In Roman mythology, Cupid clipped the fingernails of the goddess Venus while she slept. Thus the name onyx comes from the Greek word "onux," which means "fingernail." Fate immortalized every part of her body by transforming the clippings into stone.

What is the weight of the Onyx RCR?

Specifications for Onyx RCR

A price of $4,150 has been set

Hub motor with a power rating of 3,000 watts

The battery is a removable lithium-ion battery of 72V 23AH

The claimed weight of the motorcycle (ready to ride) is 145 pounds.

The engine is claimed to produce 7.24 horsepower at its peak

Can the Onyx bike handle a certain amount of weight?

There is a combined weight limit of 350 lbs for two riders. Is there more than one speed on the bike? ECO, NRM, and SPT are the three modes of the bike.

Onyx bikes take how long to arrive?

A 60-90-day period

All 50 states in the US are currently served by our shipping service! Order is followed when building bikes. Bike builds typically take 60-90 days, although this cannot be guaranteed. It is possible for lead times to be longer during busier seasons. It can take up to 7 days for the bike to be shipped once it leaves our facility.

The Onyx RCR battery needs to be taken care of in a particular way.

When charging the Onyx RCR 41ah battery with a 10 amp fast charger, let it rest in the shade for half an hour after riding. Wait an hour before charging if the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit after riding. To view your battery's internal temperature, download the Onyx BMS or Xiaoxiang BMS apps.

In the sport mode of the Onyx RCR, what is the range?

The normal mode of the car will get around 40 miles at a top speed of 40mph. Despite the maximum power and top speed of 60 mph, the bike's range falls below 20 miles when set to Sport mode.

What is the battery life of the Onyx 4?

In addition to offering two device connections, up to eight hours of playtime, and Harman Kardon Connect+, which connects 100+ speakers with the same feature at the touch of a button, the Onyx Studio 4 is designed to be the best sounding, full-featured, portable Bluetooth speaker in its class.

Onyx is charged by you?

When the HK Onyx is connected to an AC adapter in Operational, Sleep, or OFF modes, the USB charger port can be used to charge most devices. The inbuilt battery can be charged using the AC power adapter.

Can Onyx be charged in a short amount of time?

Approximately 5 hours is required to fully charge the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio, and it can last up to 8 hours (depending on the volume of the music).

Onyx RCR horsepower: how much does it have?

There is a 200 amp controller listed on its spec sheet. This controller should produce around 14kW or 18hp at 72V, unless they sandbag it. Weight less than 150 pounds for a bike.

Onyx RCR 41AH batteries have a range of what?

A 41AH battery from Onyx offers a range of 150 miles in eco mode, allowing you to explore the world with the Onyx. You may get around 40-60 miles if you unleash the beast at 60mph.

The torque of an Onyx bike is how much?

It offers three speeds, ECO, OffRoad, and Sport, which can reach 60 mph on the Sport mode. Hub motors with high torque (193 N.m) and high efficiency make this possible. According to the mode selected, the range can vary from 120 miles for the ECO mode to 70 miles for the NORMAL mode and 45 miles for the SPORT mode.

Electric mopeds like the ONYX RCR are designed and manufactured by Onyx Motorbikes in California. It provides a thrilling and efficient mode of transportation with a top speed of 60 mph and a range of 75 miles at that speed. Powering the 145-pound bike is a powerful 3,000-watt hub motor and a lithium-ion battery that can be removed. The CEO of Onyx RCR, Tim Seward, has developed a vehicle that both caters to commuters with its multiple modes of transportation, as well as enthusiasts seeking thrilling rides. This electric bike stands out among its competitors because of its distinctive design, advanced features, and compliance with street legal requirements. The ONYX RCR redefines micromobility for riders seeking a dynamic and sustainable transportation solution, whether navigating city streets or off-road trails.