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The BLOOKET learning tool

The BLOOKET learning tool

  • Kamran Imtiaz

The BLOOKET learning tool can be accessed through any web browser ( Here's a new twist on trivia and review games: Blooket! The Blooket platform creates an engaging learning environment that motivates students. All players compete on their own devices, with one player hosting the game and the others playing on their own devices.

Blooket collects gameplay responses from users. If the school or teacher decides to use Blooket with students under a specific age, the school must obtain any necessary parental consent in accordance with applicable laws. Each game will have a unique code provided to users, including teachers. The Privacy Policy notice must be read and accepted by users before signing up and in the verification email sent upon signing up.

Blooket live is free, right?

With Blooket Starter, you can create and host sets, play unique game modes, search for question sets, and edit unlimited sets and questions.

Blooket Plus: $2.99 per month, charged annually as $35.88, covers all starter features, enhanced game reports, early access to events, copy and duplicate sets, student bonus tokens, and exclusive features. With Blooket Plus Flex, all plus features are available with a monthly payment of $4.99. You can cancel anytime.


  For services offered as Blooket Plus accounts, Blooket offers both free and paid subscription plans. Group Plans are also available with Blooket Plus Subscription Plans. The following plans are available:

There are currently "Blooket Plus Subscriptions" available for accessing BLOOKET Services. It is your responsibility to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the Service Plan that you have chosen.

Is there anything more fun than Blooket?

Blooket is popular with students because of its design, its newness, and its blooks collection. There is a great deal of excitement and engagement among them. You can use it the same way you use Kahoot (like Kahoot, but for reviewing and trivia games).

I use it only as homework for some grades and in class for others. It's important to make sure that the teacher (host) addresses the pace and "unfairness" before the game starts in class. 
1. Amplification of the questions and answers by reading them out loud
2. The ability to get an in-depth game report for free (Blooket Plus offers one)

What I do with it and how I use it

As you can see, there are many different game modes available, ranging from a simple "race" mode (similar to Kahoot) to a "tower defense" option. The process of building a set with Quizlet is very simple, if you already use Quizlet. Despite the fact that I personally change the questions and answers to make sure they are appropriate for what I want to work on (spell a word correctly, define the term, fill in the blank, etc.).

I played the game with my students in all modes, and we tried them all out. The first thing I told them was that I was interested in knowing which game mode they preferred and that some game modes were not very fair because you were able to play tricks on the other players. As a result, they were prepared for some "unfairness" and everything went smoothly and with a lot of laughter throughout the whole event.

There was a cafe mode that was really fun for my students to play in which they had to answer questions as to how they could restock on food and upgrade their cafe. There is a satisfaction that comes from knowing something in order to accomplish an action and that gives them satisfaction.  Some tricks are available to the player in order to delay their movement, such as sending Health inspections to other players in order to delay their movement. After a few trial runs, however, all of my students agreed that they would not use the tricks and play by the rules instead.

It is also fun to play Battle Royale as a trivia game or as a way to build community among players. It is important to note, however, that it is not only the accuracy that matters, but also the pace. Then I will use it for very specific purposes, such as teamwork and answering very simple questions about topics that they are very familiar with.

Additionally, I use Blooket as homework in order to remove the competitive aspect and the pace aspect associated with it. Blooket homework is a huge hit with my students!

Is Blooket suitable for children of a certain age?

We do not permit children under the age of 13 (a "Child" or "Children") to create an account on Blooket without the consent and the direction of a Parent or School official who consents in loco parentis on behalf of the child. It is possible for children under the age of 13 to create an account with the consent of their parents.

When Blooket is used by a School in an educational setting, we may rely on the School to provide the requisite consent for Blooket to collect information from a School User under the age of 13, in lieu of parental consent as is described in detail above in the Consent Section.

Is Blooket limited to a certain number of users?

As long as your account is not paid for, you will be unable to use it. The free version of the software only provides you with a report that shows you the percentage of questions that were answered correctly or incorrectly by each student for the class as a whole. As far as viewing data on which questions were missed is concerned, you are unable to do so. Therefore, Blooket is a better choice when it comes to review games rather than assessment games. The maximum number of students that can play a game using a free account is 60. Just in case you have a larger ensemble, there is also a limit of 60 players in a game using a free account just in case.

Is it possible to merge two Blookets together?

It is also amazing to see that OERs allow you to remix several sources at once. Blooket allows you to combine different sets of games that other teachers have created so that you can play them together. As a result, teachers will be able to just go through different sets of questions and choose the ones they need based on the current situation. Another benefit of using OERs is that you can collaborate with your students to develop reusable content together. It is possible for teachers to make a blooket with their students using previously created blookets or they could create a new blooket with the help of their students. In addition to developing content together, students can also create their own blookets by collaborating. The students might be given the task of completing that assignment as a part of their homework.

Blooket is a good tool for studying, isn't it?

The advantage of using Blooket in the classroom is its versatility, which makes it a great tool to use in the classroom. This is an excellent tool that can be used for review, homework, or even as a fun way to introduce new material to your students. It is very easy for students to access, even from home, since it can be accessed from any computer. In addition, it is an excellent method to keep students engaged in the learning process.

Moreover, the results page gives you valuable information that can help you track your students' progress and identify areas in which they may need more support. The program is also great for setting up review games in order to keep skills fresh and reduce the need for test preparation mode in the spring when tests are to be taken.