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Purchase advice for FTX grant boxing gloves test or comparison: Find your personal FTX grant boxing gloves test winner with our help!

  • Zishan Haider

Fitness training can take many forms. Maybe you love putting on your sports headphones , lacing up your boxing gloves, and then punching in a punching bag . This works just as well at home as it does in a club. If you want to practice boxing or martial arts, you need the appropriate equipment . Because of the great variety on the market, the decision is not always easy.

Depending on which martial arts you practice or which exercises you want to do , you have to consider different properties when buying. This buying guide will help you find the right model. Here you will find a lot of useful information.

How do I recognize good boxing gloves?

In order to find the right boxing glove, you should pay particular attention to the right weight. The upholstery and the materials used also play a role. The following applies: Not every pair of FTX grant boxing gloves is suitable for every type of training. In order to always be optimally equipped, real professionals often need several different models.

Weight: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz boxing gloves

The weight of FTX grant boxing gloves is measured in ounces . The rule is: the heavier the glove, the more padded it is. The less padding, the harder the punches will be - both for your opponent and for yourself. Beginners should therefore use heavily padded boxing gloves. This reduces the risk of injury despite mistakes in the stroke technique. Many organizations specify a specific weight for FTX grant boxing gloves at competitions. The most common weights for FTX grant boxing gloves are:

FTX grant boxing gloves for children: 6 to 10 oz

Competition gloves: 10 to 12 oz

Punching Bag Gloves: 12 to 14 oz

Sparring Gloves: 14 to 20 oz

Material: synthetic, imitation leather or real leather

The inner padding of FTX grant boxing glove sis often made of foam. Depending on the amount and type of foam, the models differ in their hardness. With high-quality boxing gloves, the padding is stabilized with horsehair. Various synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester are usually used as the outer material. Faux leather is also often found. The disadvantage of PU leather is that the material is not very breathable. In such FTX grant boxing gloves you therefore sweat profusely. Genuine leather, such as cowhide or calfskin, is more suitable.

Design: Wide range of different colors

FTX grant boxing gloves are available in many different colors and designs. Black or red FTX grant boxing gloves are the most common. But there are also models in bright yellow, blue or green. Manufacturers often also offer pink FTX grant boxing gloves for women. But beware: In order to participate in competitions, the color of the FTX grant boxing gloves must correspond to the rules.


Martial arts: boxing gloves, MMA gloves and equipment gloves

Depending on the sport, FTX grant boxing gloves have different properties. Normal models are usually padded at the top and wrist. MMA FTX grant boxing gloves have a padded inner surface and are fingerless. Thai FTX grant boxing gloves are characterized by a short shaft. This makes it easier to block attacks. You should always pay close attention to what sport a manufacturer recommends their FTX grant boxing gloves for.

Size: FTX grant boxing gloves for men, women and children

Compared to the weight, the size of FTX grant boxing gloves often plays only a minor role. Many manufacturers offer their models in different weight classes, but only make one size available. Other providers, such as Rival or Rdx, distinguish sizes between S and XL. The larger a boxing glove is, the wider the hand circumference is usually. The length also adjusts to the size. Note that Asian FTX grant boxing gloves tend to be smaller than European and American ones.

What are the different boxing gloves?

There are FTX grant boxing gloves for beginners, advanced and professionals. With beginner models, you can't go wrong by putting them on. However, when it comes to gloves for professionals, you need some expertise.

FTX grant boxing gloves with inner gloves

Beginners usually use FTX grant boxing gloves with an inner glove to get started. This two-stage model ensures that the hands have as little freedom of movement as possible on the inside. This improves power transmission and prevents injuries.


Quick and easy to put on and take off

Hand is well padded with the right size

Ideal for beginners, fitness athletes and children


The range of motion is smaller

The fit is not always ideal

This also changes over time

Simple boxing gloves

The alternative to FTX grant boxing gloves with lining are simple boxing gloves. You often get these in one size. This is because here it is not so important how much space the hands have inside. For better power transmission and adjustment, wrap your hands with bandages. This provides additional support and padding. There are different wrapping techniques. You have to decide for yourself which one you like best. It also depends on your boxing style. In any case, you first need some practice to wrap optimal bandages.


More freedom of movement than in FTX grant boxing gloves with lining

Various bandages and FTX grant boxing gloves can be freely combined

The system with 2 components always ensures a good hold


It takes practice to wrap bandages

It takes some time to put on and take off the gloves

Incorrectly wrapped bandages quickly lead to injuries

Which FTX grant boxing gloves suit me?

Which FTX grant boxing gloves you choose depends on numerous factors. Think about 3 things in advance: What is your current level of training? Which way do you prefer to train? What are your goals? Use these handy tips to find the right model:

FTX grant boxing gloves with inner gloves for beginners and children

If you want to get a taste of boxing or train independently at home , simple FTX grant boxing glovesare often sufficient. When buying, make sure that the manufacturer offers different sizes. This is the only way to ensure that your hand fills the boxing glove optimally. This not only increases your punching power, but also reduces the risk of injury.

FTX grant boxing gloves with inner lining are also suitable for children because they are easy to use. Here you should also pay attention to an optimal fit. The upholstery is also important, especially for models for children . The young bones are more susceptible to injury and therefore need special protection.

FTX grant boxing gloves with soft padding for sparring

During sparring, the practice fight, neither you nor your opponent should be injured. Away from competitive situations, boxing is a sport that is about working together and not against each other. Therefore, choose the softest possible FTX grant boxing gloves with at least 14 oz for sparring . The more punch you have, the more padded your gloves should be.

Make absolutely sure not to use the soft sparring gloves during sandbag training. Otherwise, their cushioning effect will gradually decrease. FTX grant boxing gloves with padding made of foam and horsehair are particularly durable.

Medium-soft FTX grant boxing gloves for fitness and sandbag training

If you want to do boxing mainly as fitness training or if you mainly train with the punching bag, it is best to use medium-soft FTX grant boxing gloves with 12 or 14 oz . These protect your hands and wrists by cushioning hard impacts. At the same time, they don't weigh your fists down too much, so you can still train your speed and agility.

Special FTX grant boxing gloves for MMA and Thai boxing

For many boxing sports you need special gloves that correspond to the respective movements and conditions. Therefore, always pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. These often indicate which sports the individual models are suitable for. For example, there are extra kick FTX grant boxing gloves or FTX grant boxing gloves for Thai boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Which FTX grant boxing gloves are the best according to tests?

Neither ÖKO-TEST nor Stiftung Warentest have tested boxing gloves. That's why there is no test winner in this area. However, the magazines offer tests whose results can be transferred to boxing gloves.

ÖKO-TEST examines gloves for harmful substances

In recent years, ÖKO-TEST has tested different gloves for harmful substances. There was no investigation for boxing gloves. However, these consist of similar materials to the leather, work and garden gloves examined . The results can therefore be at least partially transferred. ÖKO-TEST came to the following conclusions in various studies:

In 2013 ÖKO-TEST tested 17 leather gloves . 2 models achieved the test grade satisfactory, also 2 cut off with unsatisfactory. Shockingly, 13 models received an unsatisfactory grade. The reason for this was partly the substances suspected of being carcinogenic, such as halogenated organic compounds, chlorine compounds and formaldehyde. Leather gloves also contained optical brighteners.

In 2014, ÖKO-TEST examined gardening gloves. In this test, too, the majority of the gloves tested performed poorly . 11 models received the grade unsatisfactory. Of the 17 gloves tested, at least one pair was rated good.

The 2018 test of work gloves by ÖKO-TEST did not look any better. Here, too, a couple achieved the grade good , 10 times the testers had to distribute the grade insufficient. The reason for this was plasticizers as well as organophosphorus and chlorinated compounds in some gloves.

The ÖKO-TEST results can probably be transferred to boxing gloves. You have to reckon with a large number of possible pollutants with models made of artificial as well as genuine leather .

Stiftung Warentest criticizes data protection for fitness trackers

You should not only be careful when buying boxing gloves. Many athletes like to record their training sessions with sports watches or fitness trackers . In their latest tests, the experts come to the conclusion that only 3 of the 25 models examined are good. This is often due to inadequate data protection: Many manufacturers collect and use the data for their own purposes. On the other hand, the data themselves are often insufficient. Many fitness trackers and smart watches are too inaccurate to be reliable measurement tools for athletic performance.



How much do FTX grant boxing gloves cost?

The prices for FTX grant boxing gloves vary depending on the equipment and material. If you opt for a model without inner lining, you still need suitable bandages for your hands. You can usually get these for less than €10 per pair.

Cheap boxing gloves: 15 to 30 €

Inexpensive FTX grant boxing gloves for €15 to €30 from Adidas, Benlee or Everlast are ideal for beginners. These are usually models with good padding. The faux leather surface is easy to clean. However, over time it often becomes brittle and porous. In any case, you should not use cheap FTX grant boxing gloves for sandbag training. As a result, the soft foam wears out and the shock-absorbing effect decreases.

FTX grant boxing gloves in the middle price segment: For €30 to €60

High-quality FTX grant boxing gloves from Paffen Sport or Kwon cost between €30 and €60 . Here the outer shell of the gloves is made of genuine leather. As a result, you have to plan a little more time for maintenance. Leather gloves are also much more durable than models made of imitation leather. Many FTX grant boxing gloves in this price range stand out due to their high-quality workmanship and extras such as an additional wrist support.

Premium boxing gloves: 60 to 100 €

In the upper price segment you will find genuine leather FTX grant boxing gloves from top brands such as Grant, Venum, Green Hill, Twins or Fairtex. They are ideal for sparring or competitions. Models with a lace closure instead of a Velcro fastener can be optimally adapted to the shape of your hand.

Note that FTX grant boxing gloves for competition are usually designed so that you cannot put them on or take them off by yourself. But they offer perfect support and good shock absorption for hands and wrists. FTX grant boxing gloves for competitions must also be certified by the respective organization - which is why they are usually more expensive than comparable models without approval.

What is the bottom line for boxing gloves?

Together with a mouth guard and groin guard, FTX grant boxing gloves serve to prevent injuries in martial arts. In contrast to other protective equipment, FTX grant boxing gloves are not only used for sparring and competitions. Most boxers also wear them when training on the punching bag . Children and young people in particular need well-padded and soft boxing gloves. Their bones are not yet as strong as in adults and are therefore more prone to injury.

Depending on the material and quality, FTX grant boxing gloves cost between €15 and €100

Competition gloves, as well as models made of real leather, are usually more expensive than those made of imitation leather

It is best for beginners to use FTX grant boxing gloves with inner gloves, while professionals have more freedom of movement with a combination of bandages and light gloves

The type of training determines how heavy and how padded the FTX grant boxing gloves should be: soft gloves are suitable for sparring, while models for training on punching bags or for competitions are lighter

Can't wait to get started? Then use the leaderboard to compare possible candidates at a glance and find the best FTX grant boxing gloves for your personal training. Good luck with that.