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Right karate suit

Right karate suit

  • Zishan Haider

We are your specialist for karate suits. Our karate suits are available in different materials. From 100% cotton, mixed fabrics made of cotton and polyester to pure polyester karate suits.

With us you will find the right karate suit for children, young people and adults from approx. 80 cm - 210 cm in height. We also have karate suits for babies.

Thanks to our many years of experience in karate, you are in the best of hands with us when it comes to karate suits.

You will certainly find the right karate suit of the best quality for training and competition in our shop. We have traditional, kata and kumite cuts to choose from. You can get karate suits from the brands SBJ ,adidas , Shureido , Kamikaze , Venum , SMAI and MACS. You can buy your karate suit online in our online shop or you can get advice in our local store.

You can buy cheap karate suits for children, women and men in our shop.

How to find the right karate suit

The term "Gi" for a karate suit originally comes from the Japanese term "Keikogi", which is the Japanese expression for tracksuit. The Japanese name for the training suit specifically for karate is dogi. This was then changed, especially in European countries according to the martial arts, into e.g. B. Karate- suit and thus in the short form suit. This usually consists of a jacket (Uwagi), trousers (Zubon) and a belt (Obi). The cuts and fabrics vary depending on the discipline.


As a rule, fabrics made of cotton are used, but because of the lighter nature there are also suits made of blended fabrics.

Karate suits for kata are usually made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend. Beginner suits are often made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Blended fabrics are a bit easier to look after. These are easier to iron or do not need to be ironed.

Karate suits for kumite often have modern polyester fabrics. These only need to be hung up after washing. Ironing is usually not necessary.

Many kumite karate suits also have Climacool inserts. These are mesh fabrics and are typically found on the back of the jacket and the seat of the pants. The air between the skin and the suit circulates better through the mesh inserts and the athlete has better cooling during the sport.


The material is given in ounces per square meter of fabric. An ounce (OZ) is approximately 28.3 grams per square meter. Many karate suit models differ in the following fabric qualities:

8 ounces = approx. 227 grams / m²

12 ounces = approx. 340 grams / m²

14 ounces = approx. 397 grams / m²

16 ounces = approx. 453 grams / m²