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Set of boxing gloves: 5 facts you must know

Set of boxing gloves: 5 facts you must know

  • Zishan Haider

For over a century, boxing has thrilled bloodthirsty audiences, but it's more than two dudes (or dudettes) fighting until we stop caring. A timeless boxing lesson can't be understood by those who've never fought, but we're sure you understand it. Perhaps your kids have shown an interest in the art of boxing. Try relaxing while giving your arm a quick workout (and not so lightly). The best set of boxing gloves for kids can help you to steer them in the right direction instead of nullifying their interests.

At Fightx we regularly receive questions from customers when purchasing a first pair of boxing gloves or kickboxing gloves. Do you want to know what to look for when purchasing boxing gloves? Then read this article with a clear explanation and tips when purchasing a pair of kickboxing gloves or boxing gloves. 

What is the difference between a set of boxing gloves and a kick set?

To prevent thumb injuries, boxing gloves are made of leather or imitation leather and have a fixed thumb. Boxing gloves are closed with lace or Velcro. Kickboxing gloves are harder, more compact, and flatter than boxing gloves, which are rounder and softer. However, many boxing gloves are also kickboxing gloves. If you hit a punching bag with a Kick set of boxing gloves, the filling of the glove will be damaged. You can train on punching bags with punch bag gloves, also called punch mitts.

Kickboxing gloves: What is the correct fit?

Make sure the kick set of boxing gloves is tight. Injury is more likely if your hand has too much space to move. When trying on the kickboxing gloves for the first time, ensure they are tight. When trying on kickboxing gloves, keep these things in mind:

  • Just like shoes, the gloves will stretch. The more you use the kickboxing gloves, the more they will stretch and conform to your hand. So the best set of boxing gloves won't fit perfectly when you first put them on. So you will have to choose slightly tighter gloves than you would expect at first glance.
  • Take into account space for boxing bandages. ALWAYS fit your set of boxing gloves with your boxing bandages/bandages. Boxing bandages/bandages can take up quite a bit of space in the glove. So keep that in mind.

Therefore, we always advise you to buy kickboxing gloves in combination with bandages and try them on together. It would be very annoying if you tried the new kickboxing gloves and later found out they still need bandages, which don't seem to fit. The Fightx bandages or inner gloves usually take up even more space than normal bandages.

What is the difference between leatherette and leather kickboxing gloves?

In general, the kick set of boxing gloves is available in synthetic leather, leather, or a combination of both. Artificial leather gloves are, in principle, qualitatively inferior to leather gloves. Artificial leather gloves tend to tear at the stitching seams (especially at the knuckle and thumb area) when used intensively. This is because artificial leather has more stretch than real leather. Artificial leather boxing gloves are only suitable for children and recreational use (once a month). For kickboxing gloves above 12 oz and regular use, we recommend leather kickboxing gloves over a synthetic leather set of boxing gloves. Some manufacturers, such as Adidas, have carefully developed a special artificial leather / synthetic coating that comes close to leather gloves in terms of quality. At Adidas, these are kickboxing gloves made of PU3G artificial leather. These can be seen as gloves made of real leather in terms of quality and therefore have a comparable price level.

What size boxing bandages should I use?

To ensure that the set of boxing gloves fits properly and to increase the lifespan of boxing gloves, we always recommend using boxing bandages, also known as boxing bandages. The bandages are available in different lengths:

XS – 150 cm

S – 250 cm

M – 350 cm

L – 450 cm

The standard size for boxing wraps for adults is 3.50 meters. For juniors (up to 12 years old), we recommend using 2.50 meters. For children aged 3 to 7, the 150 cm long boxing bandage can be used. We see that the 2.55-meter boxing bandages are also used as a standard size for MMA gloves.

How do I choose the right size kick set of boxing gloves? And aren't size and weight the same?

Kickboxing gloves are available in different sizes and weights. But how do you determine which type of kickboxing glove and which weight of the boxing glove is most suitable for you? We are happy to provide some guidelines and advice when buying your new kickboxing gloves and hope you can find the right (kick) set of boxing gloves based on these tips. The size and weight of the kickboxing gloves are different. In many cases, however, the size does correspond to the weight of the kickboxing gloves, but this is not always the case. The product descriptions of the gloves, therefore, indicate whether there are significant differences.

The weight of the kickboxing gloves, expressed in oz (28.3 grams), is important for several reasons. You choose the weight of the kickboxing glove based on the application form you will use. In general, a 12 oz. set of boxing gloves sold to youth (14+) and women, 14 oz. Boxing gloves on men and 16 oz. Up to 18 oz. A set of boxing gloves are sold to men who want to train hard or prepare for competitions. In addition, we see that the 4, 6, and 8-oz gloves are also sold to youth players. We have a special set of boxing gloves for children available in our range. These have a custom fit.

You choose the weight of the boxing glove based on the application form you will use. On the other hand, you choose the size based on the best fit of the boxing gloves.

For reference, the following table can be used as sizing advice:

  • 2 oz – sparring gloves for children up to 4 years
  • 4 oz – sparring gloves for children up to 4 – 6 years
  • 6 oz – sparring gloves for children up to 6 – 8 years
  • 8 oz – competition gloves (for adults) or sparring gloves for children (8 – 12 years)
  • 10 oz – competition gloves (for adults) or sparring gloves for women with small hands or children up to 14 years
  • 12 oz – training gloves for women and men with small hands
  • 14 oz – training gloves for boxers with an average build (65 to 85 kg)
  • 16 oz – training gloves for boxers with average stature and a lot of experience (75 to 85 kg)
  • 18 oz – training gloves in the higher weight classes (85 kg+)
  • 20 oz – training gloves in the higher weight classes (95 kg+)

During the matches, you get a lighter set of boxing gloves (8 oz or 10 oz, depending on the weight class). If you are used to heavy training with a 16 or 18-oz set of boxing gloves, you will feel that your set of boxing gloves is nice and light during the matches. If you have any questions regarding our tips, please do not hesitate to contact us at Fightx, we will be happy to give you personal advice tailored to your needs.