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There is no better choice than Fightx boxing gloves 16 ounces

  • Zishan Haider

Boxing is a sport that requires discipline and excellent care. Of course, you must pay too much attention so that you do not suffer any injury or damage to your body. That is why today we will give you a unique guide. It does not matter if you are a beginner, it does not matter, and we explain what gloves you can start with while climbing the level.


Being a beginner, you may have some doubts about this new sport. It is expected, do not worry. When you practice it, you will be able to reach the level of professional athletes, as well as those who must have several gloves, some for training, for the bag, and competing, among others. For you who are starting, you must choose some that fit while you decide to dedicate yourself fully to boxing.


Choosing the ideal weight for you is essential when selecting your gloves since you can cause discomfort and injuries if you decide on weighty ones. In boxing gloves, the weight is by OZ (ounces equivalent to 28.35 grams). Next, we will present an approximation so that you know the size according to your weight:


6 OZ, are for a weight less than 45 kg.

8 OZ, for people from 46 to 65 kg.

10 OZ, for a weight of 66 to 78 kg.

12 OZ, a weight of 79 to 90 kg.

14 OZ, are for a weight greater than 91 kg.


16oz boxing gloves

The 16oz boxing gloves are the most valued by users at this weight. A spectacular design, a brand backed by many years of experience, and a high quality in the final product make it worthy of all our confidence.

Who should use 16oz boxing gloves?

The 16oz gloves are one of the heaviest combat gloves, and they are usually used by very heavy fighters and for specific training. They are recommended for soldiers that exceed approximately 81(180 lbs). They are large gloves with enough padding to avoid excessive damage to the opponent in training.

What functionality do the 190z boxing gloves have?

The 16oz boxing gloves are designed for fighters with high weights and great potential in their punches. So their punches, so their padding is high volume with the primary objective of not in fiction heavy punishment on their training partners.

Fighters also use them to strengthen shoulders and arms and develop more excellent potential thanks to the high weight of these boxing gloves so that when putting on lighter weight boxing gloves, movements and blows will be much faster and more forceful.

Main benefits of 16oz boxing gloves 

Training offers several advantages with these 16oz boxing gloves, one of which is the best protection and security by having more padding, which will protect you on impact and your opponent when receiving blows.

Another advantage is being able to exercise and develop the muscles used during the beating due to the high weight of their gloves, a weight that will help strengthen the muscles, the speed in the movements, and the forcefulness in the blows.