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Title boxing gloves - everything you need to know!

  • Zishan Haider

Boxing has not only been reserved for martial artists for a long time. Meanwhile, boxing training is suitable for everyone. Whether you're a man, woman, adult, or child doesn't matter. There are many benefits to boxing training, including its versatility. Coordinates, speeds, endurance, and reflexes are improved. Muscle-building and fat-burning can also be enhanced by it. That's why boxing is finding more and more followers and is more trendy than ever. But before you start boxing, you must also get the necessary equipment. The most well-known equipment in boxing training is the title boxing gloves, which we will take a closer look at below so that you can find precisely the right ones for you!

That's why title boxing gloves are so important!

Why do you even need title boxing gloves? It is clear why gloves are so important in boxing. The protection of your hands is essential. The title boxing gloves offer an ideal cushion for your hands, knuckles, and fingers. Your hands will not be hurt when punching against the sandbag and pads. Sparring partners and opponents can be protected from facial injuries such as lacerations, broken bones, scratches, and black eyes if you participate in competitions.

How to find the suitable title boxing gloves

Now that you know why gloves are so important in boxing, the next step is to find the suitable title boxing gloves for you. Which ones are the right ones depends on what goal you are pursuing. Do you want to do fitness boxing? Or even take part in real competitions? You then choose your equipment accordingly. And yes, I know... There are a lot of different title boxing gloves on the market. These also have other properties and uses. It is all the more important to give you a clear overview, which you will now get.

Title boxing gloves made of leather or imitation leather?

If you've been dealing with title boxing gloves for a while, you've probably seen differences in texture. The material consists of either leather or imitation leather. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the faux leather title boxing gloves.

faux leather title boxing gloves

The faux leather gloves are ideal for those who value having the best value for money. The cost of these gloves is much lower than the cost of leather gloves. For example, many of the participants from my boxing courses used synthetic leather gloves for fitness boxing twice a week and were very satisfied with them. You don't have to buy expensive title boxing gloves. They are also suitable for vegans because artificial leather causes less damage to the animal world.

Furthermore, you have the advantage of imitation leather gloves, which are more "forgiving". You don't have to take care of them that intensively. However, the disadvantage of artificial leather is evident. It is not breathable and can lead to unpleasant odors if you use them for a long time. Another disadvantage is the very intensive use. This can also tear the artificial leather.



Leather title boxing gloves

Now we come to the real leather title boxing gloves. The advantage of this variant is that they are very robust. From experience, I have already tested some leather title boxing gloves. I realized that I still use some of them, even years later. And believe me... As a former Bundesliga boxer, I've never spared my gloves. They're just more durable in comparison. That's why they cost significantly more. But no matter how stable and hard-wearing the leather title boxing gloves may be. These also have disadvantages, such as wetness.

If you often train with leather gloves, you will quickly notice that they also feel wetter than artificial leather. This is because the leather absorbs your sweat. Therefore, the leather boxing glove can also become brittle due to the constant drying and getting wet. This means that slight cracks can become noticeable. It is best to clean the title boxing gloves after each training session and dry them thoroughly to use them for longer.

Where can you use your title boxing gloves?

There are several ways to use title boxing gloves. On the one hand, you can use them for training on the punching bag. But you can also use it to box on the pads and in sparring and competitions. Because there are different application areas, there are also other gloves, which I will now go into.

Competition and sparring gloves

In order for you to be able to use gloves for competition, they must meet specific requirements. For example, the gloves you use for matches must be marked to be used in competition—the AIBA or the DBV award these test marks in amateur boxing. The WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF are significant associations in professional boxing. The WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF are significant associations in professional boxing. In addition to the test mark, the competition gloves must also meet other requirements. The padding must be multi-layered to minimize the risk of injury. Furthermore, the inner lining must be able to absorb sweat well. In the competition area for amateurs, depending on the weight class, 10 and 12 ounces are used, and for professionals, 8 and 10 ounces of title boxing gloves are used.

Another difference between amateur and professional boxing is how the gloves are attached. While amateurs use the variant with Velcro, professionals prefer title boxing gloves with lacing. This is because the pros box more than three rounds. And with Velcro fasteners, the strength may no longer be given if it is exceptionally wet due to sweat. However, it would help if you always had someone to tie the title boxing gloves. This makes you much less flexible if you have to take off your gloves quickly. That is why the variant with the Velcro fastener is also used for regular boxing training during sparring.

Sandbag or equipment gloves

As the name suggests, sandbags or equipment gloves are intended for training on the punching bag or the claws. They consist of less padding in the knuckles than other title boxing gloves. Surely you are now thinking about what sense it makes to have less padding. But these gloves are designed to let you feel your punches and get used to the impact. On the one hand, you harden your ankles; on the other hand, you must pay attention to the proper punching technique. Because another difference to the classic glove is that the thumb slip is not sewn onto the glove, this means you can move your thumb freely, which also makes it more prone to injury. So, always pay attention to the correct stroke technique!

What should be considered when buying?

Here it depends on which goal you are pursuing. If you want to start boxing training from scratch and are unsure whether it is something for you, then you do not have to invest much money in your new gloves.

What size title boxing gloves do you need?

The amount of padding inside the gloves determines the size. Heavier gloves provide additional layers of protection but typically result in a slower impact speed. Heavier gloves can also be used for strength training, while lighter gloves can be used for speed training.

The best title boxing gloves for beginners are more significant as they provide better protection against injury. As their level increases, boxers tend to feel more confident using lighter gloves. Title boxing gloves should feel comfortable but fit snugly. The fingertips should be near the top of the gloves with the wrist cuffs on.

The meaning of OZ - title boxing gloves size

If you've just started looking for a pair of title boxing gloves, you'll find that they are sold in a different sizes than S, M, or L. These are given after the weight in ounces (e.g., 10 oz). "oz" is the abbreviation. To provide you with a better idea - 1 oz is 28.35g. Boxing glove sizes are typically sold in 2-ounce increments. 2 ounces might not sound like a lot, but for every increase in glove size, that essentially means an additional 2 ounces of padding in front of each knuckle, which makes a noticeable difference when hitting.

Most brands offer gloves in 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz sizes. But some manufacturers even provide additional measures of 8 oz or 18 oz and more. So you are spoiled for choice. Which oz of title boxing gloves is right for you? Let's take a closer look at that.

10 oz

In amateur and professional boxing, 10 oz is the first competition choice. From experience, these gloves feel light, and you hit faster because of the lower weight. However, you also feel the impact on the punching bag or the pads much more on your ankles. I would recommend something other than these gloves for beginners.

12 oz

Most of my students use 12 oz gloves. These have the advantage that you can still hit faster and at the same time, have better protection for your hands in contrast to the 10 oz gloves. 12 oz is perfect for beginner and fitness boxing.

14 oz

If you want a bit of everything and are just starting your boxing training from scratch, then 14 oz should be your choice. Why? 14 oz is the perfect all-rounder. They help you to train effectively. Above all, your arm muscles, especially the shoulders, are even more stressed by 14 oz than by 10 or 12 oz. In addition, your hands are even better protected on the sandbag, pads, and sparring. These gloves can also easily be used for lighter sparring.

16 oz

My favorite, with which I have been training for years, is the 16 oz gloves. The padding protects your hands during sparring and with the punching bag. With 16 oz, you can quickly complete more brutal sparring without endangering your partner. In addition, the higher weight trains your endurance in your arms even better.

Title boxing gloves for women

Usually, women can also train normally with men's title boxing gloves. Unless a woman has too tiny hands. Then the men's boxing glove is more of a disadvantage because it is more expensive. As a result, the woman's hand cannot sit firmly in the glove, which increases the risk of injury. I recommend that women then use women's title boxing gloves or children's title boxing gloves. Here, too, you have to check whether the children's gloves are manageable and, therefore, too tight. In my fitness boxing classes, most women wear the ten or 12-oz size. If you are still unsure which size is right for you as a woman, then you can use the following information as a guide:

10oz - 45-57kg

12oz - 57-68kg

14oz - +68kg

Title boxing gloves for children

Children are a more remarkable case. That is why they are also smaller sizes, such as 4, 6, or 8 oz. Which boxing glove is the scope for the child depends very much on the child's age. I recommend the following:

2 oz - 3-4 years

4 oz - 4-5 years

6 oz - 5-7 years

8 oz - 7-11 years

Calculation of the optimal title boxing gloves size

Are you still unsure? Then you can use this formula to determine the optimal size of your gloves:

How do I care for my title boxing gloves?

Two bad news first. No, you cannot wash your title boxing gloves. And yes, even your title boxing gloves will eventually start to stink. Now the good news. With a few simple tips, you can ensure that the disgusting stench appears relatively late and extend your gloves' life. So we come to the question of how to care for your gloves.

First, you should always use title boxing gloves with bandages because they ensure that the sweat from your hands is absorbed and does not come into direct contact with the inner lining. If you pay attention to that alone, you're already halfway there. Next, you must get into the habit of putting your gloves in a well-ventilated place after each boxing workout. But before you do that, you can spray some disinfectant on a damp cloth (1-2 sprays are enough) and wipe the inside and outside. Then open the Velcro fastener outwards as far as possible so the air can circulate even better in the glove. This ensures that the moisture in the inner lining dries faster.

You can also stuff newspaper into the glove if you have sweated a lot. This absorbs moisture better than standard paper. Alternatively, you can also use odor neutralizers in the form of pads. If you use leather title boxing gloves, I recommend smearing them on the outside with a little Vaseline occasionally. In this way, the leather remains beautifully supple, and fine cracks and folds do not appear too quickly.