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What is the best jacket for motorcycle riding?

What is the best jacket for motorcycle riding?

  • Zishan Haider

The jacket is the motorcycling garment that will fit you best on and off the motorcycle. FTX offers the necessary protection to drive safely while allowing us to protect ourselves from the wind and inclement weather. Most of the jackets are distinguished by their manufacture, whether they are textiles or leather. Textile can am riding jacket offer the construction of technical fabrics and are usually lighter. On the other hand, leather jackets stand out for their resistance to abrasion thanks to the robustness of the leather and their unique style. Prices vary depending on the type of fabric, characteristics, protections, and type of driving, whether for urban, touring, or sports use. Protection and fashion, what more can we ask of this fantastic garment? We recommend visiting our outlet section if you are looking for cheaper jackets.

What is the best jacket for each season?

At, we classify our jackets according to the season in which it is recommended, so it is essential to know what kind of use we will give them and in what season of the year. The jackets differ in characteristics according to the type of season for the service that must be given to them; there are ventilated jackets that are ideal for summer, jackets with thermal lining for winter, and more versatile jackets that can be used throughout the year.

Winter jackets

We recommend that winter jackets have some protection against the cold and wind, such as a thermal lining to prevent the entry of cold and prevent it from getting cold while we are driving. The waterproof membrane is another element that allows us to protect ourselves from the rain in the winter season.

Summer jackets

The summer jackets offer ventilation thanks to the different ventilation systems with ventilated mesh panels or zippered entrances and extractors that will allow the correct airflow through the coat, always keeping the body cool and dry. These jackets are ideal in summer or warm areas since they allow greater driving comfort.

Jackets for the 4 seasons

4 season or all-year jackets are very versatile jackets that usually offer some thermal lining, waterproof membrane, and ventilation system to adapt to any weather situation during the year quickly. They are complete jackets that provide good comfort in winter or summer.

What kind of protections are there for jackets? How to keep life jacket from riding up?

The jackets have several protections so that you will be protected in the event of an impact. Each manufacturer can offer several types of protection according to material, lightness, and areas in which they can be mounted. The protections are divided into shoulders and elbows, back and chest.

Shoulders and elbows: They are the primary protection par excellence in the jacket; these protections are placed on the shoulders and elbow area to protect the weakest points in case of impact, along with the helmet, knees, and gloves.

Back: The protection protects the upper/middle area of ​​the back against impacts. Many models of jackets offer the predisposition for this type of back protector.

Chest: These are the protections in the chest area that, combined with the rest of the protections, allow complete protection in the torso area.

Questions about jackets

How often should I renew my jacket?

Motorcycle jackets are made of high-quality and resistant technical fabrics, which allow them to offer a long useful life, but even so, they are in continuous use. The incidence of sun, rain, and contact with the garments progressively deteriorates the fabrics and properties of the jacket, which in the long run, loses its useful life. Continuous washing and the use, above all, of the washing machine facilitate more significant degradation in the long term. On the other hand, leather or fur jackets must have a special treatment and require the use of specific products since their material needs particular care, such as moisturizing them from time to time to extend the properties of the leather for much longer. Time and prevent it from cracking.

How to choose the right motorcycle jacket size?

To choose the appropriate jacket size, we must enter the product file of the jacket in question and consult its size guide. The most important thing is that the jacket fits us comfortably. The first measurement to take into account is the circumference of the torso. Ideally, we should measure ourselves without clothes or with a shirt that is not too thick, loosely, and, above all, in a natural position. When we measure the sleeve, it is preferable to flex the arm slightly. In this way, we will avoid that, once the jacket has been chosen, the sleeve of it is too short. Likewise, we also have to measure the distance between the wrist and the shoulder. Once we have the measurement and try on the jacket, the seam should not square with the shoulder, but it should go a few centimeters below.

A good indication that we have chosen the correct jacket size is if the shoulder and elbow protections are positioned where they should be. Each type of jacket requires a different fit. A sports jacket is not the same as a touring jacket.