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Why Do Athletes Use Ankle Straps for Cable Machines?

Why Do Athletes Use Ankle Straps for Cable Machines?

  • Zishan Haider

What are Ankle Straps? Ankle straps are a handy gym accessory that you can use to achieve a perfect lower body. The straps tighten around your ankles and come with a hook on the back or side. You can hook these straps into a machine called a cable pulley.

Doing so will allow you to work out your legs and abs in different planes as cable pulleys help you move freely. The unique nature of ankle straps will help you train your legs better than any other gym equipment.

When combined with a cable pulley machine, Ankle straps allow you to perform an effective workout that can strengthen your lower body, so many athletes use ankle cable ankle straps. Some of the other benefits of ankle straps workout are discussed in the next section:

Why Do Athletes Use Ankle Straps for Cable Machines?

As ankle straps with cable machines make your training more efficient and help you achieve faster results in toning your lower body, many athletes commonly use it. Some of the reasons that athletes use ankle straps are because of it:

It helps Sculpt Your Lower Body to Perfection.

Using the ankle straps for the cable machine helps you target your lower body, legs, hamstrings, and glutes. The unique gym accessory helps tone and tighten your muscle groups and create a leaner and more muscular body. You need to attach it to your cable machine, and you can dive into a perfect glutes workout and experience some substantial gains.

Perform Various Exercises

You can use the ankle straps with almost all standard cable systems and similar equipment. The ankle straps for the cable machine can help you perform various exercises, such as leg extensions, hip abductors, leg workouts, and glute workouts. If you want to add variety to your lower body workout, ankle straps are the best gym accessory you can invest in.

Comfortable to Use

Compared to most gym accessories, ankle straps are much more comfortable on your body. You can efficiently train your legs, core, and butt and build leaner and stronger muscles using ankle straps.

Remains snug

Each cuff of the ankle straps is fitted with a reliable fastening system and can support extra pulls, weights, and stretches, especially during a heavy workout. The unique fastening system ensures that the ankle straps remain snug and never move up and down while you work out.

Now that you know the basics and benefits of ankle straps, the next section will help you learn to use the ankle straps properly.

How to Use the ankle strap for the cable machine properly?

Follow these simple steps to use ankle straps properly:

Find a cable machine with an adjustable pulley

Adjust the cable

Attach an ankle strap around both your ankles

Make sure it is secure

Hook the ankle strap to the carabiner attachment on the cable pulley

After you have learned to use the ankle straps properly, let's go through the exercises that can help you tone your butt, core, and glute.