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Arm Endurance Exercises by using punch mitts

Arm Endurance Exercises by using punch mitts

  • Zishan Haider

Interval punching exercises by using punch mitts

A huge part of having good endurance has to do with not allowing yourself to go beyond your "relaxed performance." For example, if you throw punches that are much harder or much faster than what you are used to throwing… you get tired quickly.

And your “relaxed performance” level is very strongly related to your “peak performance” level.

For many fighters, their "relaxed performance" is so weak that they are unable to fight effectively unless they are turning on their maximum performance. And running at peak performance will only make you tired quickly, ESPECIALLY when that's your default setting. Increasing your "peak performance" increases your "relaxed performance". One way to increase our maximum performance for the sake of stamina is to increase punching power (not covered in this guide) by using punch mitts. And another way to increase your maximum performance is to increase your hitting speed. This sprint interval punching exercise is perfect for that by using punch mitts. This exercise is best performed on the bag, but it is also possible on the stretch bag and on punch mitts if you have a well-developed coordination for this. It's very simple. In the last 30 seconds of each round, you're throwing fast punches into the bag non-stop. Emphasis on PURE SPEED, not strength! You will mostly only throw straight punches during this "sprint phase". Some trainers require you to bring your hand all the way back to your face before releasing it. On this score, for me the option will come down when the fighter returns his hand back only half or 2/3. It suits me if you take your hands off the bag and punch mitts just a couple of inches before launching them forward again. There are several reasons for this detail. Guys who want you to swing your arm all the way back want you to train your muscles to get used to extending your arm to full length. Other guys (like me) don't mind if you bring your hand back only partially, because it allows you to hit faster and develop coordination for fast movements. Some trainers will also require you to raise your knees during the "sprint phase" of running coordination (the left knee is raised when the right arm is punching and vice versa). Some coaches will want you to keep your feet down and activate them in normal punching coordination (the heel of the left foot rises when the left hand punches). As for when and at what intervals to do this exercise, I suggest the following options: Perform the exercise in the last 30 seconds of each round (working 3-6 rounds on the bag) 15 seconds work, 15 seconds rest ... repeat this 10 times (change with a partner in turn, one holds, the second beats, then change) 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest…repeat like this 10 times (change with a partner in turn, one holds, the second beats, then change) It is very important to RESIST the urge to add strength. You need to focus on developing pure, sharp speed. Exhale with every beat! Another note is to avoid intervals that are longer than 30 seconds. This sounds good in theory, but the truth is that your arms will most likely be unable to work at full top speed for more than 30 seconds. It's almost like telling a sprinter to work on his sprints while running at top speed for a mile. Of course, he can give maximum effort, but he will never be able to maintain maximum speed throughout the entire distance. By giving yourself shorter intervals, you can work on pure speed, which will allow your muscles to get used to firing at fast intervals. And then you'll have enough rest to There are many ways to do this exercise. I suggest you try all the options and see which one works best for you. When you do sprint interval exercises, focus on PURE SPEED, not strength by using punch mitts. Boxing drills that by using punch mitts include: Combination of jabs and crosses A jab-cross combination is as fundamental as it gets. New boxers are typically taught the jab before learning the cross. By combining these two punches on punch mitts, you work on throwing them fluidly without leaving yourself open to counterattacks. The jab-cross combination is also known as the one-two and is commonly used at the most elite levels of boxing. If it lands flush, it can score a knockout. There are many times when trainers drill jabs and crosses in combination with verbal callouts. When a trainer flashes the focus mitt to the trainee, he or she might hear the words "jab". As the trainer mixes in one-two callouts, a cross might be followed next, and on and on it goes, with the trainer calling out one-two at a time. During this drill, you will also be tested on your ability to slip, block, and counterpunch your opponent's punches on punch mitts. It is a drill that consists of eight counts In order to improve your accuracy, speed, and head movement, you can use the 8-count drill as a great way to do so simultaneously. With this drill by using punch mitts, you will be required to throw eight punches as fast as possible as suggested by its name. As you throw these punches on punch mitts, it is important that you don't just go through the motions in your mind. If you want to hit your target, you must put a bit of power behind them and concentrate on hitting it. The main objective is to be as accurate as possible during the landing of each punch without sacrificing speed or power in the process. In addition to forcing you to move your head while punching, this drill also forces you to move your arms. The ability to slip and dodge punches is vital to be able to throw your own punches with power and accuracy while still being able to slip and dodge your opponent's punches. In order to develop those skills, this is one of the best ways to go about it. Drill for Target punch Mitts You will benefit greatly from this drill if you want to improve your accuracy and speed. In addition, it also helps you to better understand the timing inside the ring and the distance between the rings. As a result, you will have a more sharp eye for spotting openings in your opponent's defense that you can exploit, which will help you to know instinctively what punch to use to strike with the most power and force. There will not be any combinations called out by your trainer during the execution of this drill. The trainer simply raises their punch mitts, and when the trainer raises the mitt, you should aim for what you see. You should also expect that your trainer will mix in attacks to test the reflexes and responses of your defensive system. There are two variations in this combo, the 1-2, 1-2 You can use this drill to warm up before your intense training! It will help you improve the quality of your straight punches as well as the ability to throw them in rapid succession while staying fully extended by using punch mitts. Practicing punching techniques on punch mitts, rhythm, and timing is one of the most effective ways to improve your punching consistency, rhythm, and timing. When you are doing this drill, your trainer will throw hooks at you sporadically so that you can duck under each hook as quickly as possible while throwing 1-2 combos as fast as possible. A counter 1-2 will then be fired off as soon as you have evaded the hook and are out of the danger zone. A punch mitts drill that combines body shots and counters The goal of these drills is to improve your reflexes and to gain a better understanding of how to defend against body shots. Basically, you have to cover up and block with your elbows while the trainer goes for the body shots on both sides of your body. The following punch is delivered to the same side from which the body shot was blocked as a response to every blocked body shot. As soon as the trainer initiates another opportunity to counter, you will have to throw 1 or 2 combinations before being able to counter again. Drilling with a combo punch mitts for call outs Choosing this drill is highly effective if you want to experience the intensity of what you will be experiencing in the ring with an opponent when you are sharing a ring with them. Furthermore, it will help you improve the defense that you have following a combination since these are the moments when you are most vulnerable. This drill on punch mitts is designed to keep you on your toes as the coach calls out different combinations, continuously changing them up throughout the drill to keep you on your toes. In order to get you to use your defensive moves such as blocking, slipping, ducking, or evading when the trainer throws an attack at you after each combination, he will throw an attack at you after each combination. Drills with pool noodles As an alternative to focus mitts, pool noodles are used in this drill on punch mitts. The exercise is designed to help you improve your footwork and movement, specifically your ability to move laterally. Besides improving your balance, they also help to improve your ability to throw punches and move around the ring, since maintaining your balance during these activities is crucial to your success. It is similar to using punch mitts, but the pool noodles are more challenging because of the smaller targets they present. As your trainer tosses the noodles sporadically, you are forced to use your defense skills to defend against the attacks with the noodles. Since noodles are smaller than focus mitts and move unpredictably, they provide a more challenging attack to block as they present a more complex attack to block. The length that they are held for can be changed by your trainer to make them even more unpredictable. Take advantage of these drills to make your training regime more effective In order to stay sharp and train for competition, boxers use a variety of punch mitts drills to hone their skills. You can use the boxing drills listed below to improve your skills and technique so you can perform at your best when you are in the ring. For more tips on how to improve your boxing game, please feel free to visit