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Buying and Wearing Leather Jackets: Motorcycle Bomber Jackets

  • Zishan Haider

It's time to say goodbye to the little black dress. Women over 50 want a little black leather jacket if there's one wardrobe basic they want. When you take it off the hanger and put it on your shoulders, you're Joan Jett, Deborah Harry, Foxy Brown, and Sandy in Grease. The inside is a little more challenging, but the outside is much more relaxed. There's a leather jacket for every body, style, and budget, whether you're classic, edgy, or just a little bit trendy. With some celebrity inspiration, here's what to look for:

  1. Choose a black leather jacket that suits you
  • Several options and hybrids shake up the classic format, including black leather styles influenced by motorcycles. There are some biker jackets without sleeve zippers and belts. As shown above, your best bets are:
  • Biker jackets (motorcycle jackets) are waist-length, belted, have diagonal zippers, and have flared collars.
  • It has a straight front zipper and a banded collar and is sleeker and more fitted than a moto (a racer).
  • A bomber (flight jacket) zips up the front, has ribbed trim at the waistband and wrists, and fits slightly loosely.
  • The waist and hips are tailored sharply in blazers, and the length is below the hip.
  • Essentially, a belted blazer covers your hips while defining your waist.
  1. Faux or real?

Practicality, conscience, and price play a role in this decision. Try more affordable faux leather jackets instead of leather if you are interested in a leather jacket but are concerned about animal cruelty. It is possible to find a vintage leather jacket online, but fake leather (also called "vegan") now feels and looks so authentic you will need to read the price tag and label twice. Many faux leather items are water-resistant, unlike natural leather, and are synthetic fabrics usually blended with polyurethane, rayon, or viscose.

  1. Make your product as versatile as possible

Multi-seasonal black leather jackets are the best for wearing day or night throughout the year. Be open to experimenting with different looks. A black leather jacket can be worn over a T-shirt or sundress in a freezing air-conditioned movie theater or restaurant in June or Miami. It can be worn over a longer sweater, tank, and jeans; it can be worn over a tailored dress under a raincoat; it can be worn with leggings and a hoodie; or it can be worn underneath a trench coat.

  1. Medium weight is supple

As with new dark-wash cotton jeans without stretch, some black motorcycle Bomber Jackets are stiff and require time to break in. How long does that take? Instead, look for soft, buttery jackets that fit like a glove. Smooth, washed, weathered, and pebble-grained finishes are available. The return policy is essential to check when shopping online. Whether real or fake, the leather softens and creases with time, gets scratched, and fades from wear, adding character to the jackets.

  1. Fit perfectionists

Over time, leather fits your body contours even better. You shouldn't wear jackets with extended pads, puffs, or bulky quilting that make you look like a quarterback. Sleeves should hug your arms, and armholes should be high. Fit without and with layers. It should feel tight enough when worn over a light top or a substantial medium-weight sweater. Add a shoulder bag and cross your arms. Big busts love asymmetrical zips. Zippers should slide up and down easily without catching on linings. It applies to all zippered styles.