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  • Zishan Haider

Step 1

Boxing gloves are very round and bulky, and we need to display this in our drawing. So we sketch two circles and two rectangles above the circles. The initial steps must be performed using very light lines.

Step 2

Let’s make the geometric figures more like real boxing gloves. Draw the outlines of gloves and separate the thumbs. In the upper part sketch out lacing, on which gloves are hung.

Step 3

Now we need to accurately draw out the gloves with clear and dark lines, making the drawing clean and neat. Do not forget to make the lacing thicker.

Step 4

Here we will take care of the details of boxing gloves. Draw the necessary seams and folds. On the inner surface of the glove draw a visible part of the opening for the hand.

Step 4

Here we will take care of the details of cartoon boxing gloves. Draw the Cartoon which you want to. On the outer surface punching side of the glove draw a visible cartoon which y CARTOON BOXING GLOVES: HOW TO DRAW THEM

First step

The gloves used for boxing are round and bulky; we need to show this in our drawing so that you can understand it. Therefore, we will sketch two circles above the circles and two rectangles above the rectangles. It is essential to use very light lines when performing the initial steps.

Step 2

It might be a good idea to make the geometric figures resemble natural boxing gloves as much as possible. It is essential to draw the outline of the gloves and separate the thumbs from the fingers. Draw out the lacing that will be used to hang the gloves in the upper part of the illustration.

Step 3

To make the drawing look neat and neat, we need to draw the gloves out accurately with clear and dark lines, making sure that the gloves are clearly defined. If you want the lacing thicker, make it more comprehensive.

Step 4

This section will discuss what it takes to make a good boxing glove. Using the appropriate folds and seams, make the necessary adjustments to the garment. Draw a visible part of the hand's opening on the glove's inner surface so that you can see it when you wear it.

Step 5

Here are some details about cartoon boxing gloves for us to take care of. If you want, you can draw a cartoon about whatever you want. Draw a visible cartoon that must be drawn on the glove's outer surface, which will be used for punching.

Step 6

The only thing that needs to be done is to apply a few shadows, accounting for the angle at which the light will be reflected. As a result of hatching, the drawing should not only be able to create shadow and light as such, but it should also be able to create volume and make it more realistic and natural.


The lesson on how to draw boxing gloves was made in as much detail as possible. To achieve clarity and ease of the drawing process, our artists have tried to decompose the lesson into several proportional and straightforward steps to simplify the instructional experience. We hope we succeeded in drawing boxing gloves in an easy-to-follow manner, so please subscribe so you can keep learning how to draw boxing gloves in the future and share the lesson with your friends and anyone interested in becoming a professional artist need to draw.