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Getting the most up-to-date information on the Nashville school shooting.

Getting the most up-to-date information on the Nashville school shooting.

  • Kamran Imtiaz

In spite of the fact that the motive for the murders of six people at the Covenant School still remains unclear, the writings of the killer have been entangled in a fierce legal battle over whether or not they should be made available to the public.

Nashville shooting background:

The Covenant School campus in Nashville's Green Hills neighborhood was attacked by an armed assailant in March of this year, which resulted in three students and three staff members being killed. The attacker was determined to breach the Covenant School campus in Green Hills, a private academy near Nashville. click here for more 

It was determined that the assailant lived in the area and was being treated for an emotional disorder when police responded to the scene shortly after the assailant was killed by the police. It was identified that the shooter was a 28-year-old former student of the school who lived in the surrounding area and was currently undergoing treatment for an emotional disorder.

According to the police in Nashville shooting case, they haven't been able to determine a motive for the attack, but they believe that both the school and the church were targeted for the attack, rather than any individual. According to the police, there were signs that the shooter had planned the attack months in advance, as evidenced in a statement released by the police.

In the midst of an ongoing battle between parents of Covenant School students, the school board and the church, who are fighting to keep the writings from being released, despite massive legal battles, the writings left by the shooter - which could reveal a motive - have not been made public despite extensive legal battles.

Our current understanding of what’s going on is as follows.

What was the exact date and time of the attack?

It has been reported that a report of the Nashville shooting was received at 10:13 a.m. by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department on March 27. When the police arrived at the school, they heard gunshots coming from the second floor, according to Aaron, the police department's spokesman.

In the aftermath of the shooting outside the school and the bullets shattering the glass in the school, surveillance footage released that night without audio caught the shooter in the act after he parked outside the school and fired two sets of doors. As the shooter walked through the hallways of the school, passing through the children's ministry at one point, he was seen walking with a weapon drawn.

According to a brief phone interview about Nashville shooting with ABC News, the following statements were made:

According to his mother, Norma Hale, who requested privacy for her family before she requested security for her home, it is a very difficult time for Hale's family right now.

The woman told me that she thought she had lost her daughter today.

In a statement to ABC News, a neighbor of the family said that Audrey Hale lived at the family's home along with her mother and father, whom the neighbor described as "very nice" and "very religious."

The president and chief executive officer of Nossi College of Art and Design in Nashville, Cyrus Vatandoost, has confirmed to ABC News that Hale will graduate from the school in 2022, according to the school's president and CEO.

In his remarks, Vatandoost said about Nashville shooting: Hale was not only an excellent student, but she was also a talented artist during her time at the school. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, to those who lost loved ones as a result of this tragedy, and to her neighbourhood," he added.

Apparently Hale has won at least one award for his strong academic performance, according to a post that has since been removed from the school's Facebook page.

In addition to art, I love to play video games, watch movies, and play sports, Hale wrote in a personal statement on his website. "I also have a child-like side to me, where I love to run around the playground. Animals are my other passion, so I love to spend time with my two cats as well."

Hale's LinkedIn account lists a past job as a cat sitter as well as previous employment as a part-time grocery shopper for the food delivery service Shipt, in addition to his role as a part-time grocery shopper for Shipt.

There are about 200 students at the Covenant School in Nashville where Nashville shooting held, a private Presbyterian school that was founded in 2001, according to the school's website. Students range in age from prekindergarten through sixth grade.

In the Nashville shooting, what do we know about the shooter?

Chief Drake said the shooter purchased seven firearms legally and stashed them around the house. Mr. Aaron said the three weapons were a semiautomatic rifle, a handgun, and a small 9-millimeter carbine.

During the attack, the assailant fired 152 shots, beginning with shots fired through the school's doors. Before being killed, Drake said the assailant was "ready for a confrontation with law enforcement" and prepared to do more harm.

He said the Nashville shooting shooter had a handwritten map and drawing of the school that showed how he could get into it. In writings found in the car and the family's home, the police said a week after the shooting that there was evidence that the shooter planned the attack for months and studied "the actions of other mass murderers."

According to a search warrant, officers found more than a dozen folders and journals, including notes about school shootings and firearms courses, a suicide note, medical folders, firearm accessories, and cartridge casings.

Apparently, the shooter's parents had advised him not to possess weapons, and he was receiving treatment for emotional problems from a doctor, according to the police chief.

What has been the response of lawmakers to the Nashville shooting?

In response to the shooting, thousands marched toward the State Capitol. As a result of Gloria Johnson's chanting for gun laws, Justin Pearson's chanting in Memphis, and Justin Jones' chanting in Nashville, there was a disruption in proceedings in the Capitol galleries.

State Republicans, led by Gov. Bill Lee, have rejected calls for tougher gun laws and instead prioritized school security. According to him, authorities can confiscate guns from individuals deemed likely to harm themselves or others if they are found to be at risk.

In April, the Republican supermajority easily re-elected Mr. Pearson and Mr. Jones in special elections despite Ms. Johnson's attempt to be expelled.

It was four months later that the legislature convened for a special session dedicated to public safety. Parents of Covenant School students pleaded with legislators to take action to prevent another shooting, but Republicans adjourned after eight days without passing gun control legislation.

In the Nashville shooting, what was the shooter's writing?

The shooter's writings have been sought by a local news outlet. House Republicans asked Chief Drake to make them public on May 15, along with "relevant medical records and toxicology reports," so they could review them before a special session to consider public safety legislation is held in August.

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Covenant School, and the parents of the students have filed motions to intervene due to security concerns. In addition to asking that the release be delayed until June 8, the end of the school year, the parents have asked that any potentially traumatizing information be limited.

As a result, a local judge in Nashville shooting case allowed the parents, the school, and the church to intervene in the case. The parents signed over the writings to the parents of the students, which boded well for their case.

Several of the writings have already been redacted but not released by the Police Department, citing legal challenges. But until a decision is made over who can participate in the legal argument, the writings will remain private.