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As Lindsay Clancy struggles with medication, she searches for 'ways to kill'

As Lindsay Clancy struggles with medication, she searches for 'ways to kill'

  • Kamran Imtiaz

According to newly unsealed court documents, Lindsay Clancy allegedly researched "ways to kill" before killing her three young children.

Earlier, PEOPLE reported that lindsay Clancy, 33, was indicted by a Plymouth County grand jury in September on three counts of murder and strangulation for the January deaths of her three children.

Clancy allegedly strangled the women to death with exercise bands while her husband, Patrick Clancy, ran errands at the family's Duxbury, Mass., home on Jan. 24. 

Documents show Lindsay Clancy researched 'ways to kill' three children before killing them

WCVB-TV, MassLive and The Boston Globe have obtained unsealed court documents detailing the evidence recovered from the former nurse's home.

lindsay clancy pink iPhone, electronic tablets, laptops, exercise bands, silver knife, and prescription medication bottles were collected as part of the investigation.

The investigators also know Ms. Clancy kept track of her medications and researched ways to kill with her cell phone and journal, so it is reasonable to conclude that she also kept track of her mental state and her feelings about her children. According to the affidavit, Clancy used all formats and tools available to her, including a tablet.

She allegedly strangled her three children, Cora, 5, Dawson, 3, and 8-month-old Callan, with exercise ropes inside the Duxbury house she shared with her husband last January.

A few days following the killings, lindsay clancy remains hospitalized with injuries she sustained after falling from a second-floor bedroom window at 47 Summer St., after either losing her grip or letting go of it as a result of the killings.

A bloody knife was found in the bedside table by her window after she was found with wounds on her neck and wrists that did not pose a life-threatening threat, according to prosecutors.

lindsay Clancy lawyer:

During the arraignment, her attorney, Kevin Reddington, said that the fall left her partially paralyzed, and that she appeared in a wheelchair during that time. Although she spoke and moved her head, it is unclear how much of her body was paralyzed.

There were two older children who were taken to the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth, where they were pronounced dead. Callan Lindsay Clancy was flown to Boston Children's Hospital, where he died shortly thereafter.

Police and prosecutors report that Lindsay Clancy had researched "ways to kill" and "can you treat a psychopath?" online before the children were killed, according to police and prosecutors.

According to the chief medical examiner, the children died from asphyxia caused by exercise bands that were strangled with. According to police records, exercise bands were collected from the home.

Lindsay Clancy's fingernails were swabbed for DNA, blood samples were taken in the course of the investigation, along with urine samples and samples of blood.

The Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague described Lindsay Clancy's day leading up to the evening of Jan. 24, when she was accused of killing her kids, during the arraignment held in February of this year.

There was a lot going on in Lindsay Clancy's day, from taking her daughter to the pediatrician's office to playing in the snow with her son and daughter, to talking to CVS about stool softener for children to asking her husband, Patrick Clancy, if he wanted takeout for dinner, Sprague said. As she mentioned, Lindsay Clancy appeared and sounded coherent at the doctor's office, CVS, and the restaurant, and her speech was not slurred or distressing at all.

Patrick Lindsay Clancy was returning home at about 6:10 p.m. after picking up the takeout and going to CVS to pick up his medication. Upon returning, Patrick Clancy found his wife bleeding outside the house. He called 911 at around 6:10 p.m.

The defendant responded to him by saying, "I tried to kill myself and jumped out of the window. When he called 911, he asked the defendant, "What did you do?" Patrick can be heard asking the defendant during that time. During the 911 call, Patrick is heard asking the defendant, "Where are the kids?" He later told police that she responded to the 911 call in the basement," Sprague said, describing the audio recording.

The night of the incident is recalled by Patrick Clancy

At the time of the deaths of their children, Patrick Clancy was married to Lindsay Clancy for six years.

As Patrick told police, he and his wife had "an amazing marriage" and "got along great," although it was evident that he was well aware of her mental health struggles, even if he wasn't familiar with their full extent.

He told the police that he had been staying at home with his wife all day and was unaware of any signs of her acting that day which suggested what he would find at home after visiting CVS and picking up a dinner order from ThreeV restaurant in North Plymouth after visiting CVS and picking up a dinner order from ThreeV restaurant in North Plymouth.

There was an unusually quiet feeling in the house when he came home, and he went up to their bedroom, where he found a bloody knife on a nightstand next to an open window.

It was at that point, according to the police report, that he ran outside the house and found his wife face down on the ground and unresponsive, at which point he called 911 and informed them of the situation.

Upon arrival of the police officers, Patrick Clancy was said to have called out to them from the ground where his wife Lindsay Clancy was lying on the ground.

A police report describes Patrick Clancy's next steps inside the home and into the basement, where he found the weight room, the office, and the living room, all of which were used by Patrick Clancy as his personal space.

Upon discovering Patrick Clancy's children unresponsive in the basement, the officers reported hearing screaming when they arrived there.

Apparently, Patrick Clancy was heard saying to himself, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God," and "She killed the kids," according to the police report.

As Lindsay Clancy struggles with medication, she searches for 'ways to kill'

Lindsay Clancy, according to Reddington, was overmedicated during her birth and suffered from postpartum depression.

The court dockets do not mention the postpartum diagnosis that Patrick Clancy told police his wife suffered from anxiety weeks before she was scheduled to return to work at Massachusetts General Hospital following her maternity leave.